A Narcoleptic’s Guide to Romance by Vivian Darkbloom

Take it from the beginning … and again …. try that passage once more…. yes that it! Noo perhaps not … try it again and this time be sure to hang on to the last node, let the tone play itself out.

Even if this isn’t a music score the story plays out like a classical tune of love and angst, sadness and joy, a battle against upbringing, religion and inner beliefs and all the time the question hovers above “Do love conquer all?”

This isn’t the easy reading we are usually served in the world of Uber-fiction it’s catching and moving because it’s very well written, different, demanding and not following the usual standard storyline of online lesfic. And yet again it’s just a short story of a relationship between two woman. One out-and-proud with a “damn you all” kind of attitude, the other with strict religious upbringing that creates a solid barrier against pursuing the love of a woman.

“A Narcoleptic’s Guide to Romance” is the first part in a series of three short stories of Danny and Kate. This first part of the series is by far the best with a storyline that give an intriguing insight into the past and present of Danny and Kate’s relationship. The sequel “A Lexicon for the Sunday Morning Sleeper” is detached bits and pieces of information on this and that from Kate’s point of view. This part is a smart tie-over to the third and last part of the series “Partita” that plays out as the overture – an opening even if it’s really the end of the story of Danny and Kate.

This review is posted in answer to a request for a review of “A Narcoleptic’s Guide to Romance” – please feel free to correct me if I didn’t do the story justice 😉


Cupid by SX Meager and Anne Briske

Can a dog make a difference? Well not just the difference between coming home to an empty house and being met by someone dying to see you – even if you were just gone for a few minutes. Can a dog be the one thing that will save a relationship? Can a dog change your path in life? Well if you want to know if walking a dog will make a difference in your life find the time to read “Cupid” and make up your mind ! Do you need a dog ? 😉

One blond, five men and a number of cocktail waitresses – Katie is out with her team like any other work-night blowing of steam after a long day wheeling and dealing.

A dark house, a note on a kitchen counter and a bed in the guest-room – waiting for Em when she gets home alone from a night out.

A seven-year long loving relationship has changed – when did that happen? Will anyone notice and will anyone care enough to try to get back the love, the closeness, the partnership ….

Cupid cares about everyone that shows him affection and his puppy eyes will make you want to scratch his belly, play in the garden or fetch his leash to go for a walk in the park – even if you are a workaholic commodity trader like Katie. Something is changing … priorities changes and doggitime turns into time spend with the dog .. and together.

Does anyone notice the changes in everyday life – a shared walk, a home cooked evening meal, the kiss that turns passionate? Look for yourself if you are interested.

This is just a short story with nothing more than two women and a dog but it’s kind of sweet to watch things change and see love blooming again – so if you just need a little entertainment on a cold and windy night – take a walk with “Cupid”.


Until Soon by Indigal

I promised … I know I did and I bet You thought that I forgot all about it … the list of basketball fic’s that is. I didn’t forget, I just haven’t felt anything like running around on a basketball court shooting ball’s through a little hoop – why did they have to make the hoop so small or leave it so far of the ground ??

I guess that the challenge of shooting baskets is a bit less demanding if you are 6 ft tall like CJ, so I’ll leave it to her to do the actual ball playing and just concentrate on watching out for Andy.

You’ll find Andy in her grad assistants office in the English Department, in the hall’s on campus or perhaps you – like CJ – will meet her for the first time in the Banquet Hall while you get douched with Seltzer!

If you like Andy’s blue eyes and ebony-hair you might take her up on her offer to help you with your studies – anyway that’s what CJ did. She did after all need a bit of help with her thesis, and I guess that it’s only natural that she would slip Andy a ticket for the basketball team’s next home game …. isn’t it?

And there you go the twenty-something women move slowly forward from chance acquaintances, to friends and perhaps … hey no running ahead and dunking the ball, now sit tight and wait for the story to unfold!

If you are here for the sports I might throw in a bit of competitive swimming and sledge riding for fun with the – not too dominant – ball playing theme, and if you are looking for bumps in the road towards “a living happily ever after” look out! Don’t you know here are rules and regulation against a student / teacher relationships!

This is a classic lesfic romance and one of the more long winded at that. As you might know I like for the women to get to know each other a bit before they fall into love and heat, and Indigal will treat us to a lot of “getting to know” each other before the heat is turned up – so if this is your game you could pick up the ball and shoot some hoops with CJ and Andy.

The story is at places a little too forthright as to the thought process of the protagonists – like quoting internal conversations or letting us – the readers – join Andy for her diary writing sessions, but it’s easy to identify those bits in the text as it’s done in the italic format – so hmm – you can do a bit of fast scrolling if it getting on your nerves.

I promise that I’ll get back with a real basketball fic ….. at a later date!


Blazing Dream by Larisa

Are you into construction workers and the likes? You know the strong butch woman with powerful forearms, muscular thighs and perhaps a stocky build, the women who are really soft at heart when you get past the tough exterior? Well if you are then you have amble chance to meet a woman of your heart in the world of f/f fan fiction.

You might already know some of my favourite characters in this genre – how about Sheridan in Vertigo’s “Caution: Under Construction”, she is not only good at putting up drywall but also an imaginative lover, or Branson in Larisa’s “Phantom”, who looses her heart to a farmer.

Actually you’ll find a huge number of these big softies in the stories by Larisa, like Taylor the cement truck driver in “Kicking and Screaming” who will win a toaster own and the heart of a rather confused straight woman, Rouge from “Rough Warrior” who comes to the rescue with her strange truck when Taylor needs a friend, or Ed in “Haunted Past” who mourns the loss of her wife who left her because … well you’ll have to look up the story if you want to know why and to learn if she will ever return.

You’ll probably find the farmer Elise in “The Harvest” by G.E. Birch a bit less butch than Larisa’s characters but she does have a trade that requires quite a bit of muscular power, and a heart looking for someone to love. If you find female farmers who wears their hearts on their sleeves alluring you could also go meet up with Eunice in “Fenced Fields” by Dee.

Should you prefer the female characters with a tough job on the sea you might want to look up Captain Cordie in “Beneath the Surface” by Barbara Davies, who will take you and Piper sword-fishing which proves to be no easy trade.

As I said the butch women are plentiful in f/f fan fiction and if you want them at the roughest go look up the ones in the Larisa Universe. They all have big hearts that needs a special woman to love, and more often than not it’s great fun to watch how the romance unfolds.

If you know all of the stories mentioned above you could try Larisa’s “Blazing Dream” sporting not one but two women with a strong connection to the world of construction, but maybe you should take a quick peek at life in the woods before you decide to venture out. The first thing that you’ll notice is the sound of axe and chainsaw that create a steady flow of noise from dawn till dusk as Rowan tries to fight of her demons by cutting and splitting logs.

If you choose to stay home to have some peace and quiet, I know someone who will venture out – that’s Brandy – she has just inherited a rather run-down property from her aunt, and now she is looking to spend some time fixing it up with her next-door neighbour Rowan looking on.

If it wasn’t for the noise of Rowan’s axe and chainsaw or the occasional gift she leaves at Brandy’s door, Brandy wouldn’t know that anyone was around watching her work, that’s until the day – months later – when she slides of her roof only to be caught in Rowans strong arms! From then on thoughts of soft black hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous body crowed Brandy’s dream, but it will take Latisha the Queen to bring Rowan out of her hiding and into Brandy’s life.

“Blazing Dream” has a standard Larisa storyline, a funny dialogue, weird characters and a couple of woman who really needs someone to love. So if you like the strong butch characters in a funny setting, and can accept a fast moving romance – you could venture out into the woods with Brandy, Rowan and Latisha the Queen.


Beginnings by Fingersmith

Bryan Adams will take us back to the ”Summer of ’69” and in “Beginnings” Fingersmith will let us take a peek at the summer of 1974. You can listen to the tune or read the story – either way it rocks!

The hot, sticky summer of 1974 was the summer that the six-year-old Lou was struck to the ground by Ash – the new girl on the block. This happened when Ash fell from a tree as Lou walks by heading her mothers call to come in for her tea! This was the beginning of a friendship that lasted all summer, but ended abruptly when Lou’s mother chose to leave her ever absent, non-caring husband and moving herself and the kids to a new town – guess who was unhappy with that move!

Move fast forward 10 years and see Lou falling of a stage – while doing a drunken version of “Waterloo” (Karaoke) – and landing on top of a table full of empty glasses, surrounded by amorous young men, ready for a woman to drop into their lives. And the cause? A pair of pale blue eyes – guess who they belong to!

After the surprise reunion the girls take to each other like the friends they used to be, but – as you might have guessed – things have changed; the kids have grown and new confusing feelings surface. Sarah proves to be the one who can put at least some of those raging hormones to a good use – no I’m not confusing the names here! Things will get even more confused as the girls all battle with their feelings and the courage to own up to how they feel. Before the teenagers can sort out their feelings Lou’s mother decides to …. move again – gee can’t she just stay put for once!

Take a deep breath and a giant leap into maturity and visit with Lou and Ash as they meet again in the cause of a dramatic criminal investigation that mix with family history. Perhaps the third time’s the charm ?

This is a story spanning almost half a lifetime from childhood, through teenage years and further on to a time when girls are no longer girls but women of maturity. Even if it’s a rather long story – 206 pages if you go by the count on The Athenaeum – we are only treated to the bit’s and pieces of the lives of Lou and Ash when they happen to get in touch with each other.

“Beginnings” is really three separate stories in a tight woven series. The story that I like the best is the third and last one as this seems the most complete both in the storyline, in the interactions between the protagonists and in the ease of writing. The story as a whole holds a little for every reader though both those who favour the tales of the first teenage love, the soul mate theme, witty moments, spicy encounters or the usual angsty misunderstandings between those that we – the readers – deem to be right for each other.

All in all I’ll say that this is perhaps not Fingersmiths best on-line story as I’m particularly fond of “Once”, but it’s still an entertaining read, romantic and catching at places and well worth a read.


Tick,Tock by Karin Kallmaker

I’m not really fond of the autumn as everything starts to points towards a dark, cold and windy winter season that will last for months, luckily enough there are a few things that lighten up the bleak autumn days – The Halloween Invitational at The Royal Academy of Bards and The Autumn Romance writing contest at The Athenaeum!

Yes you’ve got it right a lot of new fic’s to lighten up your life – follow the links and go look at the new stories for your self.

The Halloween Invitational gives us a number of fic’s from the pen of well-known writers from the (fan) fiction world. I can’t say that I have read them all, but I did take a look at the ones penned by the writers that I like the most.

If you want a taste of the possibilities of new love you can look up Artemis Callaghan’s “Light up the sky with Standard fireworks” it’s not exactly Halloween, but it’s a celebration and it holds a promise of a new loving relationship. If you can live suspended in time in the memory of shared love you might want to look up Karin Kallmaker’s “Tick, Tock” – it’s touching but sad, and if you are ok with a visit from beyond – you can look up Lois Cloarec Harts “Midnight Message”. Finally if you want a bit of a scare – and it is a Halloween Invitational after all – you can try out the short fic (!) from S X Meagher “Stormy Weather”.

The Autumn Romance writing contest at The Athenaeum is quit different – this is a contest! We – the readers – get a month to read the 9 stories entered in the contest and vote for the two titles that each of us like best. While the voting is on the stories is posted without information on who penned each story. As long as the contest run I don’t think that I should tell you which stories that I like the best, but I guess that it would be ok to say that I do have a couple of favourites.

The stories entered present a mix of storylines – you’ll find a story with a bit of a supernatural soul mate theme in an ancient Chinese setting in “Forbidden History”, a short modern-day romance in “Still Standing”, and a story of mature love that lasts a lifetime in “An October Romance” – and a number of other themes. I urge you to go read and cast your vote.

Languedoc by Angharad Governal

I might have read quit a bit of Uber Xena fan fiction, but I’ve never actually watched an episode of the TV-series or read a classic Xena fic, so I guess I’m not the best choice when it comes to reviewing an uber with tie-in to – what I deem to be – the classic Xena Universe, but by request I’ll give you my thoughts on “Languedoc” by Angharad Governal. If you have knowledge of the Xena Universe, and would like to add to or correct this review please feel free to post a comment.

Languedoc is a former province of France situated in the south, originally a territory independent from the French kingdom. If we can trust Angharad Governal, Languedoc was conquered by the French in 1226 AD, even though the female knight N’Alexandra and her partner the troubadour and noble woman Na Gabrielle did their best to defend the territory.

The story of Na Gabrielle and her knight is uncovered by Brangein Gwenhwyfar or Gwen for short and Sister Augustine at St. Marie d’Ormarc Abbey in France, while Gwen does research at the Abbey library for her PhD in medieval French literature. A research that uncovers not only the history of Languedoc, but also until now unknown tales of Xena, and opens Sister Augustine’s eyes to what she turned her back upon when taking her vows.

This is a story with a little bit of everything – hints to the classic Xena storyline (I think), a bit of a medieval romance of knights and noble women, and a modern day tale of finding love in the most unlikely place, but somehow none of all these layers of the story seems to be explored fully. On the other hand I’ll say that even if we do a fair bit of jumping back and forth in time and between storylines in “Languedoc” the story is well woven together.

All in all this story didn’t really catch my interest, but I’m not sure that I’m the best judge of the quality of the story, as I’m normally not inclined to read medieval romance, drama or classic Xena stories – so please let your fellow readers know if this story has qualities that I’ve overlooked.

Just to prove my self wrong – I’ll mention a couple of fan fic’s with a medieval theme that I’ve come across even if they are not among my bookmarked fic’s – you might like them “Second Son” by A. K. Naten, and “Eagle’s Reach” by an unknown writer.