An Innocent Heart by Heike Freudenmann and G. S. Binkley

A fire has to be feed to keep burning, if you stop the input of fuel or remove the oxygen, the fire will burn itself out, flames will disappear and not even an ember will remain. One would think that the same would be the case when it comes to love, but if we are to trust Heike Freudenmann and G. S. Binkley you can go on loving someone forever, even if that love is never nourished even by a look or just an innocent touch.

“An Innocent Love” is one of those “First Love that Last for Ever” kind of stories that makes you wonder just how a never recognized teenage love can live on for years without nourishment, but I guess it really doesn’t matter it’s fiction and it’s kind of romantic, so who cares?

So let me introduce you to the women central to the storyline. The youngest is Kim, she was born in Greece but lives in Germany with her family, she works at a local bookstore and when she’s not working or writing her stories, she spends time with her boyfriend Sandro or fights off the none too subtle questions by her parents if perhaps it might be time that she and Sandro got married. The big question is if Sandro is really the love of her life or if perhaps she has someone else in mind.

If Sandro isn’t really the one that Kim wants then you might ask who is? If you tag along you’ll be able to get a glance at who she had in mind when she was a young girl hanging out with her cousin Yasmin and Yasmin’s friend Robin with whom she has lost touch years ago.

A chance meeting and a break up with Sandro at the local movie theater put’s Kim in touch with Robin again, and soon they a not just catching up on old times but breaking grounds for a renewed friendship.

Robin Hart is an American living in Germany, she’s 28 years old and a bit of a loner, working two jobs, just for the fun of it, missing her deceased parents and keeping a lock on her broken heart, but meeting Kim and seeing her old friend Yasmin again do put a bit of smile on Robins face. The question is who is really putting that smile there?

You might have guessed that we got a bit of a triangle love story on our hands here, but there is no reason to worry it’s really all kind of innocent so even the tender-hearted can enjoy it.

If you are very picky as to the quality of the stories that you spend your reading time on you probably shouldn’t read this one as I’m not too impressed with the writing style, but if you can overlook this the story is catching enough and it does have a number of scenes that I found to be well put together.

I’ll also point out that this is the only online romance, apart from “Campus” by Anik LaChev, that I’ve come across that takes place in Germany.


  1. well, well, well…. I found this story well written, exceptionally put together and yes love can and does burn deep …. the embers may seem inert yet strong enough to send the reader on a well deserved trip into the land of love and an heart that remained innocent for years but always believed in that one day… love would flourish… It does in this story… Don’t miss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hello, I am GS Binkley the one that wrote this story and sometimes a story is a reflection of the truth… can’t help that some people do not trust love and how magnificent it can be and stay true…. follow your heart and never let anyone dissuade you! Love is strong and lasting.

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