I’ve loved reading all of my life. Growing up, I lived in books and that hasn’t changed now that I’m middle aged.

Several years ago, I started up a couple of review sites focusing on lesbian novels and femslash. In September of 2010, I co-created the podcast Cocktail Hour with my dear friend Peyton Andrews (Andy). Cocktail Hour has become pretty popular and we’ve expanded the show to include non-lesfic offerings. We’ve also got a few extra features like Bar Rags and Conversations at the Bar where authors and other folks with projects or organizations can get the word out about their stuff.

While I love having drinks and talking about books, I still enjoy writing reviews so I set up a new site (this one) and imported all of the posts from the old review sites and got busy creating a site that is inclusive of all the genres of books I read. I’ve also recruited a few friends who love reading and were willing to write reviews so there’s even more to explore!

I hope you find something new to read after spending a little time here.

Happy reading!

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