Vampyre! by D. J. Belt

“Everybody’s doing vampire stories these days. I thought I’d do one, too.”

England, 1897. Dr van Helsing and his assistant Jacob, accompanied by Alais, break into a tomb to stake a vampire. Or rather, they *try* to break into said tomb, but the door proves to be too sturdy – until Alais (“Let a girl do it”) points out that the door opens outwards…

And so, tongue firmly in cheek, D. J. Belt starts out to contribute to the lastest fashion in writing. I suppose I’m not telling too much when I say that the staking itself does not take its planned course, either.

The story tells of the age old battle between the vampire hunter and the creatures of the night, represented here by the Count and Countess de Mort, but don’t expect to get your blood chilled — prepare for sore abs from constant chuckling and quite a few bouts of outright laughter, instead. There’s ‘hanky-panky’, love, a saved soul, and more to Alais than meets the eye — all served with an ironic bow to the genre.

It is not a story I will save for re-reading every once in a while, but it’s good, clean fun, well worth the time spent.


  1. I love D. J. Belt! Thanks for reviewing this one.

    I'm REALLY sorry it took me so long to post it. I don't check my email as often as I should…

    Thanks again!

  2. D. J. Belt is one of my favourite authors, too! And don't worry, it's not as if we had a deadline to meet 🙂


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