Cupid by SX Meager and Anne Briske

Can a dog make a difference? Well not just the difference between coming home to an empty house and being met by someone dying to see you – even if you were just gone for a few minutes. Can a dog be the one thing that will save a relationship? Can a dog change your path in life? Well if you want to know if walking a dog will make a difference in your life find the time to read “Cupid” and make up your mind ! Do you need a dog ? 😉

One blond, five men and a number of cocktail waitresses – Katie is out with her team like any other work-night blowing of steam after a long day wheeling and dealing.

A dark house, a note on a kitchen counter and a bed in the guest-room – waiting for Em when she gets home alone from a night out.

A seven-year long loving relationship has changed – when did that happen? Will anyone notice and will anyone care enough to try to get back the love, the closeness, the partnership ….

Cupid cares about everyone that shows him affection and his puppy eyes will make you want to scratch his belly, play in the garden or fetch his leash to go for a walk in the park – even if you are a workaholic commodity trader like Katie. Something is changing … priorities changes and doggitime turns into time spend with the dog .. and together.

Does anyone notice the changes in everyday life – a shared walk, a home cooked evening meal, the kiss that turns passionate? Look for yourself if you are interested.

This is just a short story with nothing more than two women and a dog but it’s kind of sweet to watch things change and see love blooming again – so if you just need a little entertainment on a cold and windy night – take a walk with “Cupid”.

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