No Strings by Gerri Hill

It’s no secret that I enjoy Gerri Hill’s work. I think I’d have to say that No Strings is definitely one my favorites.

Reese Daniels has an “encounter” with someone she shouldn’t have and ends up losing her job. She finds herself in the VERY small town of Lake City where she’s the temporary sheriff, much to the dismay of the secretary and deputy working there. Reese has decided that once her year long contract is up with Lake City, she’s out of there for some other tourist town that can offer her more in the way of a social life. She has no desire to begin any friendships. She wants nothing that will make it hard to leave once her sentence is up.

Morgan has been a forest ranger in the town for seven years and considers Lake City home. She is also the only lesbian for miles. Until Reese shows up.

I think the thing that I enjoyed the most about this book was the humor. The author gives us the opportunity to get to know the characters separately and then lets us watch their friendship grow. We know from the jacket notes that Reese and Morgan set up an arrangement that lets them enjoy each other sexually but not have any emotional attachment. I think we can figure out how that turns out.

As with most of Hill’s work, the characters are likable and they feel real. There are lots of good laughs in this book and the dialogue flows naturally, which is a must for me. I particularly enjoyed the way Reese and Morgan quickly developed their own inside jokes and how they interacted with each other. It didn’t go exactly as I had suspected, as far as the build up to the end, and that was a nice surprise.

Thanks, Ms. Hill, for another thoroughly enjoyable read.


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