Until Soon by Indigal

I promised … I know I did and I bet You thought that I forgot all about it … the list of basketball fic’s that is. I didn’t forget, I just haven’t felt anything like running around on a basketball court shooting ball’s through a little hoop – why did they have to make the hoop so small or leave it so far of the ground ??

I guess that the challenge of shooting baskets is a bit less demanding if you are 6 ft tall like CJ, so I’ll leave it to her to do the actual ball playing and just concentrate on watching out for Andy.

You’ll find Andy in her grad assistants office in the English Department, in the hall’s on campus or perhaps you – like CJ – will meet her for the first time in the Banquet Hall while you get douched with Seltzer!

If you like Andy’s blue eyes and ebony-hair you might take her up on her offer to help you with your studies – anyway that’s what CJ did. She did after all need a bit of help with her thesis, and I guess that it’s only natural that she would slip Andy a ticket for the basketball team’s next home game …. isn’t it?

And there you go the twenty-something women move slowly forward from chance acquaintances, to friends and perhaps … hey no running ahead and dunking the ball, now sit tight and wait for the story to unfold!

If you are here for the sports I might throw in a bit of competitive swimming and sledge riding for fun with the – not too dominant – ball playing theme, and if you are looking for bumps in the road towards “a living happily ever after” look out! Don’t you know here are rules and regulation against a student / teacher relationships!

This is a classic lesfic romance and one of the more long winded at that. As you might know I like for the women to get to know each other a bit before they fall into love and heat, and Indigal will treat us to a lot of “getting to know” each other before the heat is turned up – so if this is your game you could pick up the ball and shoot some hoops with CJ and Andy.

The story is at places a little too forthright as to the thought process of the protagonists – like quoting internal conversations or letting us – the readers – join Andy for her diary writing sessions, but it’s easy to identify those bits in the text as it’s done in the italic format – so hmm – you can do a bit of fast scrolling if it getting on your nerves.

I promise that I’ll get back with a real basketball fic ….. at a later date!



  1. Hi Charlie!

    Well – I don't really have a favourite when it comes to basketball fic's – so I'll let chance rule my choice!

    So any of the above mentioned or how about LadyD ?


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