Talking Her Down by Angelrad

Have you noticed that there is a cure for writer’s block ? You might call it a hot remedy but it’s nothing like the cup of hot tea or rum toddy that your mom might give you to ease a head cold, it’s more like arhm…. you know, well you see … it requires a … hmmm…. gee maybe I should just show you.

Well you could go look up “Impotent or maybe not” by Gracelan Chase it’s definitely a hot mix and it does seem to work on Jolie’s case of writer’s block, but then again you might already know this story as I’ve reviewed it in the middle of the hot month of July.

If you want to explore the use of the remedy to cure writer’s block you could also look up “Talking Her Down” where you’ll meet Andrea who has a really hands-on approach to the problem of curing writer’s block – she cleans ! And from the description of the state of her one-bedroom apartment before her cleaning spree it’s an activity much needed. Cleaning might actually get you hot, but then again not really hot – hot so don’t worry cleaning is just what get’s Andrea out of her chair and out on the balcony, not what cures her writer’s block – Dani will do that.

Follow Andrea but be quiet while you listen in on the great dialog between her and Dani. You might learn a thing or two that you can use next time you stumble on a woman sitting on a balcony wall getting ready to jump off … from the sixth floor !

I don’t think that I’m revealing too much by telling you that Andrea succeeds to piss of Dani to the extent that she jumps down from the ledge …. but I think that it might spoil your fun if I tell you in too much detail how a woman’s tears, a comforting hug and soothing words might lead to what I choose to call a hot remedy to writer’s block.

“Talking her down” is what I would call a PWP with a plot ! I know this is me fumbling around the terms of fan fiction, so I guess you could also call it erotica, but to me it’s mostly a well written short story with a great a witty dialog that made me smile and chuckle – yes I know it sounds girly but hey I’m a girl!

If you like a story with a struckling writer you might also want to look up “The Lyrical Ballads” by Damnation.

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