Impotent or maybe not by Gracelan Chase

As hard as we might try to keep things separated we don’t always succeed do we ? Haven’t you found yolk and egg white slip in the bowl together even when you take real good care for that not to happen? And don’t you sometimes bring your work home with you even though you’ve decided to leave all thoughts of it behind on you desk – or where ever you do your work?

This blog is all about reading (fan) fiction, it’s not concerned with the process of writing, feeding your creative muse, how you spread the words of your stories, get published, interact with your readers and the likes. It’s just about the (fan) fiction we read, and what we like and perhaps dislike about it. But just like yolk and egg white, work and family life – reading and writing might get mixed and sometimes it’s quite an intriguing mix I would say.

“IMPOTENT or maybe not” is a bad title for a captivating story, and if you want your (fan) fiction hot and perhaps a bit spicy, this one will help you keep warm at night.

The storyline is real simple it’s centred on the writer – Jolie – and her struggles to come to terms with the fact that her partner Michelle quite suddenly decided to leave her and their 2-year-old son Dexter. One night they make passionate love and the next day Michelle is packed and on her way out of Jolie and Dexters lives with no explanation, and no indication of whether this is just a short break or a permanent end to their life together.

I guess that we would all deal with a devastating blow like that in different way’s, for Jolie, Michelle leaving throws her into a creative fit of writing. This is quite a development for Jolie as her ability to turn out stories has slowly dwindled and somehow stopped completely over the last two years.

You can view this as a story on how to take care of a writer’s block – lets say the hard way – but if you count the number of sex scenes, you might just come to the conclusion that this is pure erotica. OK so what if it is all there is to it – a little plot and a lot of sex – well it’s a mix and a stimulating one at that. At least it’s way more successful than trying to make meringue when you have mixed specks of yolk with your egg white !

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