The Cain Casey Series by Ali Vali

It’s been awhile since I posted a review but I’m happy to pick it up with a brief review of the Cain Casey (or The Devil) series. The fourth in the series is being released next month so I figured that if you haven’t read the first three yet, you’ll have plenty of time to get caught up before the next one is available for purchase.

Derby Cain Casey is the head of the Casey crime family. She’s good looking, rich, and powerful – and heart broken. Emma Verde won the heart of Cain, made a life with her, and then betrayed her.

I don’t want to get to far into the plot but let me tell you that if you like a Godfatheresque story with plenty of violence – and more lesbians than it would see possible in one business – and sex, The Devil Inside is a great start. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series. The second book, The Devil Unleashed is good, too. I thought it was well worth the read. Still some pretty good, gory violence and hot sex along with a good story line. The third book, Deal with the Devil I thought started out well but by the end was moderately disappointed. Particularly the ending which just sort of stopped. And not in a really good cliff-hanger way but in a “holy crap, I’m at my word limit and have to stop right NOW!” I also believe that one of the character names changed between book 2 and 3 – but it may have been between book 1 and book 2. Nothing major, but it threw me off for a minute.

I haven’t even thought twice about not buying The Devil be Damned. Ultimately, I really enjoyed the series. Ali Vali is a great writer and she tells a good story. She does a good romance, too, but this series is all about the gangsters. At least it is for me.


  1. Thanks UK – I'm still getting back into the swing of things. Thank YOU for running the fan fic review site! I know there are so many people who appreciate what you're doing.


  2. I have just finished reading all 4 books, a second time. That's how good the books were. Ok, so, when's #5 coming out! -JJ Alexandria, VA

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