Something so close to love by Artemis Callaghan

We’ve got Paul the boyfriend oblivious or at least acting as if he is unaware that his girlfriend is sleeping around. Ella the boyish, beautiful woman with Jenna’s phone number written on her forearm, who looks awesome in a suite and waistcoat. Cass the friend kind of girlfriend, who knows more about Jenna than Jenna do. And we’ve got Jenna, the girl with a boyfriend that she can’t decide to let go, who might – for once – want to pursue more than just a little thing on the side with a woman, but can’t really make up her mind.

The thing is that Jenna really never had to choose. She has for years been able to juggle boyfriends and sexual encounters with women making sure that these parts of her life didn’t interfere with each other. Will that ever changes, is Ella the one that will make Jenna want to change her way of life, and will Jenna – finally – listen to her long time friend Cass and start living her life in full?

And what about Ella is she ignorant of Jenna’s playing two sides; does she too just want a little sex on the side? No not really, well actually not at all, but that not to say that she’ll get what she wants is it? Or that Ella’s ex Annie, her cousin Bruno or girlfriend Róisín (!) will either, but if nothing else they’ll all get caught up in each others lives!

So this story is not the usual slightly bumpy but otherwise “straight” ride towards sunset for a couple of lovebirds. Its major heartache and its well put together, touching and engaging. I like that the writer can juggle a number of characters and their interactions in a storyline that is essentially just about Ella and Jenna and the BIG question “Will they get together and live happily ever after”?

The story is told both by Ella and Jenna alternating between points of view but cleverly so. Some parts of the story might partly be told twice but each time by adding a separate set of actions, thoughts etc. to the storyline – well done I’ll say – I just don’t like the typesetting, it’s a bit disruptive.

I’ve reviewed Callaghan’s series of short stories “Hen Night”, ”Wedding Reception”, ”Honeymoon” and “Divorcee” on an earlier occasion. If you want a funny and touching read, one of those with a straight friend that finally jumps the fence, then do look it up it’ll be worth your while.

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