Hen Night by Artemis Callaghan

Once is properly just a mistake or a bad joke that can be excused or put down to being drunk, twice hmm … you’ve got some serious thinking to do, but the third times that’s when you got to take the clue and look for a way out – no more straddling the fence – jump it and be done with it!

Well if you want an explanation I think you should go look up Artemis Callaghans trilogy “Hen Night”, “Wedding reception” and “Honeymoon”. The woman straddling the fence is Izzie and the one on the receiving end of all the “mistaken” kisses, grabbing and the likes is Kit, her long time – lesbian – best friend. But beware this is a story with three of everything – so look out for the third woman – Rachel.

In “Hen Night” you’ll make Izzies acquaintance while she staggeringly drunk celebrates her Hen Night, makes out with Kit and wonder if her boyfriend Mark is really the one she should marry. It’s just a little appetizer, so don’t be disheartened by the rather short account of events.

You ought to go straight on to “Wedding reception” and enjoy the ladies preparing for the wedding and the ensuing reception. All the tension of the Hen Night is intact and this time you get the slight feeling that those kisses on the Hen Night might not have been just a drunken mistake, but still be ware of the third woman.

And finally you are set to go the third and final lap with the threesome and this time you are on you own, follow the link to “Honeymoon” and see for your self if this sitting on the fence thing is something permanent for Izzie or if she can make a decision the third time around as to what team she wants to bat for.

All in all just an enjoyable little tale of best friends and possible lovers with a humorously touch. I guess it would have been easier for everyone if Izzie had made up her mind and made the choice between the best friend and the boyfriend before the wedding, but none of us will have to help straightening up the mess – so who cares.

If you want a glimpse of what kind of life the ladies lead after the “Honeymoon”, you can look in on them in the last sequel “Divorcee”. Well I guess that kind of let the cat out of the bag, but you didn’t really wonder if there would be a happy end did you?


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