Strings Attached by Inyx

Kelly and Jessie are girlfriends – the friend kind of girlfriends – not the girl on girl kind. Confused ? Well then you share fate with a number of their acquaintances and family members, but I wouldn’t blame either of you. If two women in their thirties have been sharing an apartment for 6 years you can’t really blame anyone for thinking that they are more than just – you know – girlfriends.

Jessie will just laugh at the notion of her and Kelly being a gay couple, while Kelly will swear and yell at anyone who says so out loud, but I guess that you know that those who protest too much …… ok I’m getting ahead of myself here because the women that we will meet in “Strings Attached” really like boy’s. Well not enough to do real serious, looking for a relationship kind of dating, but rather the looking for good sex kind, but that can be a life changing experience too, if you are not careful!

It just happens that one night Jessie is too inebriated to be careful and a few weeks later she can show Kelly a blue stick to prove that their lives are going to change over the next nine months. This might not have been that much of a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that Jessie won’t give the child up or that Kelly – her “straight”, bike riding, scuffed boots, leather jacket wearing “butch” girlfriend and roommate is scared shitless when it comes to children.

I guess it doesn’t help that Jessie’s mother loathes Kelly and picks a fight with her whenever possible or that Jessie turn into a bit of a hormonal and needing friend along the way. So you see the ladies are in for a bit of a hard time coping with the changes in their live.

This is a nice story along the classical storyline of old friends slowly realising that their feelings for each other might just run a bit deeper than they used to think. The question is – will they act upon it? And if (when 😉 they do – will they be able to cross the bridge from friends to lovers? Go read the story if you want to know if this romance has a “happy ever after” kind of ending. I for one found it entertaining to follow how Kelly copes with her hormonal and needy friend, and how she holds up during The Lamaze classes, child-birth and bonding with the baby.

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