For Which The First was Made by eToh

Follow me and lets catch a plane to Singapore, you can sit next to Kris on the flight if you like. She can tell you about the documentaries she has filmed for her network back in America and she can explain why she is going to Singapore to look up the offer to make a biography about a prominent local public persona, who just happens to be lesbian.

If you choose to take Jo’s word for it, Singapore is filled with women willing to seek a little adventure in the arms of another woman. Oh I forgot to tell you about Jo – she’s Australian and the network’s local contact – so if you choose to hang out with Kris you are sure to meet Jo too – she is really eager to show Kris a good time, while she is in town.

Not that Kris is really one to play around or stick in a relationship for that matter, but she does play for the “team”. I guess she just hasn’t met the right woman yet? Now stop the wishful thinking – this is drama or romance not erotica. Well at least you’ll find a plot in the storyline, and if you’re not careful you might catch something while in Singapore – like influenza (SARS) – that would keep everyone too busy to care about sex – wouldn’t it?

If you follow Kris real closely you might catch a glimpse of a slightly unbalanced woman – something has touched her and thrown her a bit off track during her stay in Singapore, maybe she’s coming down with something? Well a visit to her aunt Ellen’s might help? Then again maybe not…

I guess meeting an “aunt” that was forever present in your life through her correspondence with your mother, but never actually there in person might be a little strange, and ending up as her houseguest due to sort of self-imposed quarantine because you have been exposed to the SARS virus might not help – on the other hand this uneasiness in Kris may really be …. Janice’s fault!

No – I don’t think I’ll tell you about Janice – if you fly out to Singapore with Kris I’m sure that you’ll meet up. She’s an intriguing lady a mix of east and west, a workaholic doctor with a body to die for and a woman who needs love and is willing to give something of her self to get what she needs – if you’ll just ask for it. And who knows – Kris might just get up the courage to ask?

“For Which the First Was made*” is a very captivating and well written love story with a cast of well fleshed out characters and an interesting mix of drama and romance. The story is doubled layered with the romance of two generations acted out in one storyline. Something that might be a bit tricky to pull off, but I think that eToh mastered this task real well. If you look up the story on Etoh’s author page on The Athenaeum you’ll see that I’m not the only one who found this story to be a good read – so if you have the time go on … catch the flight to Singapore.

* Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made! (Robert Browning?)

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