Blind Date by Larisa

Looking for love is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I guess that’s not so surprising, at least if you believe that everyone has a “soul mate” waiting somewhere. How on earth are we supposed to find “The One” among millions of people? Are there special paths to follow? If so why aren’t we given a rout plan at birth to guide us, and why haven’t Google released a special designed “Pathfinder to love”?

There has to be another path to love than one involving blind dates, but if it was an easy one to find I’m quite sure that Levi Straussenhofer – survivor of an infinite number of horrible blind dates – would have found it by now. On the other hand if she hadn’t done that final blind date with the vampire like college professor, she wouldn’t have found herself stuck under a table and between Brody O’Sullivan’s legs, so I guess that a blind date can bring you on the right track.

Levi is a food critic and a blond, green-eyed woman with a couple of crazy roommates, desperately looking for someone to share her life with, and Brody, who works in a fish market, is exactly what Levi is looking for – tall, dark-haired and with blue eyes! Did I hear anyone say soul mate ?

Well it might be something very close to love at first sight for Brody and Levi, but this is not one of those “falling in love and heat at first sight” kinds of stories. The women will – naturally – meet obstacles before they can consummate their love. One being that Levi find it quit possible that Brody is connected to mobsters on account of the bio hazard bin that she keeps at her front door with bloody clothes, and the amount of bleach that can be found in her bathroom… possibly for taking away blood stains!

Don’t worry even if it’s nothing like real life – its fun – at least in the standard Larisa fashions of crazy episodes, strange happenings, odd balls and a pair of gorgeous women stumbling all over them self and each other while looking for love.

I like the first part of the story the best. This is where you’ll find the description of a number of rather unsuccessful blind dates. Even if it’s exaggerated in a Larisa like way, it still reminds me why I would never go on a blind date – the memorable quote from Forrest Gump comes to mind ”Life Is like a Box of Chocolates… You Never Know What you’re Gonna Get!“I say the same goes for blind dates.

If you are fond of the crazy humour in Larisa’s stories, you will probably get a good laugh out of this one too, but if you aren’t a Larisa fan – I think that you should find something else to pass your time tonight.

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