That Night by Jezebel Writesome

“The Story of Us – History 101” – do you remember…… how we met, the night of our first kiss, when you first told me you loved me, how I talked myself into your bed? Any loving couple probably has a number of shared memories that they can lock into when they feel the need.

For Sarah and Em “That Night” was not a glorious love at first sight kind of meeting, but more like the night when a book bag wielding warrior princess rescues a damsel in distress. I guess that there are not one but a million ways to meet the love of you life, and for Sarah and Em that’s how they met.

If you dive into the story of Sarah and Em you’ll be treated not only to a number of erotic rendezvous but also to the story of a love more faithful and true that most – even in the world of lesfic. I mean how would you feel if your girlfriend decided to leave you and marry a guy? Would you continue to be her best friend … would you continue a loving relationships? Well – I can’t see that as even remotely possible, but I guess that’s why it’s called fiction.

The story of Sarah and Em is well told. It’s focused on the romance between the protagonists, but I found the storyline strong enough not to miss a subplot. I did like the fact that the story jumps back and forth in time from present day actions to a recollection of “the history of us” as told by Em and Sarah. I think this is done smoothly and it’s a nice way to catch up on the life story of the protagonists.

If you are looking for a romance with obstacles – like a husband, a boyfriend and a mother who doesn’t have her daughters best interest at heart – I think that you should take the time to look up Sarah and Em. “The Night” is just a short story but I found it entertaining.

“The Night” is archived at Sapphic Voices a site that archives online Lesbian Fiction and Poetry in a number of categories. You might want to browse through the archive and see if any of the stories offered are to your liking.

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