More Than a Game by Insane Englishwoman

If you follow the updates on Uber ect you must have noticed the funny ramblings regularly posted by Ze – if not you ought to look up the updates on the site on Tuesdays and Wedensdays. After a while you will begin to wonder how many mishaps one woman can actually meet in an ordinary life – I keep wondering if this is real life or just the imaginative mind of a writer.

All the funny ramblings by Ze got me thinking that she must have posted stories online. I’ve never found any stories posted under the penname Ze, but maybe the Insane Englishwoman is the same as the blogger Ze – who knows? The Insane Englishwoman has posted a number of stories on E-scribblers, a site that seems to be run by the same crew as the Uber ect.

“More Than a Game” is the story of how Gio changed from a butch player looking for quick one night stands every weekend, to a woman willing to settle in a relationship – if she only knew how to make the right moves on the lady of her choice.

Gio is a regular at the club “Fermat’s” with a dance floor and a number of private rooms out back – available to anyone interested in a close encounter. Becca is the fair – if not quite innocent – maiden venturing into the club. Something that puts her in a situation where a bit of rescuing by Gio will come in handy, but performing a charitable act of rescuing someone won’t automatically change a heartbreaker like Gio into a knight in shining armour – even if something about Becca draws Gio’s interest.

The story was written as parts of The Valentines Invitational at the Academy of Bards so don’t fear – a happy ending is within reach. The story is a short one but well but together with a humorous tone running through the storyline.

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