Blazing Dream by Larisa

Are you into construction workers and the likes? You know the strong butch woman with powerful forearms, muscular thighs and perhaps a stocky build, the women who are really soft at heart when you get past the tough exterior? Well if you are then you have amble chance to meet a woman of your heart in the world of f/f fan fiction.

You might already know some of my favourite characters in this genre – how about Sheridan in Vertigo’s “Caution: Under Construction”, she is not only good at putting up drywall but also an imaginative lover, or Branson in Larisa’s “Phantom”, who looses her heart to a farmer.

Actually you’ll find a huge number of these big softies in the stories by Larisa, like Taylor the cement truck driver in “Kicking and Screaming” who will win a toaster own and the heart of a rather confused straight woman, Rouge from “Rough Warrior” who comes to the rescue with her strange truck when Taylor needs a friend, or Ed in “Haunted Past” who mourns the loss of her wife who left her because … well you’ll have to look up the story if you want to know why and to learn if she will ever return.

You’ll probably find the farmer Elise in “The Harvest” by G.E. Birch a bit less butch than Larisa’s characters but she does have a trade that requires quite a bit of muscular power, and a heart looking for someone to love. If you find female farmers who wears their hearts on their sleeves alluring you could also go meet up with Eunice in “Fenced Fields” by Dee.

Should you prefer the female characters with a tough job on the sea you might want to look up Captain Cordie in “Beneath the Surface” by Barbara Davies, who will take you and Piper sword-fishing which proves to be no easy trade.

As I said the butch women are plentiful in f/f fan fiction and if you want them at the roughest go look up the ones in the Larisa Universe. They all have big hearts that needs a special woman to love, and more often than not it’s great fun to watch how the romance unfolds.

If you know all of the stories mentioned above you could try Larisa’s “Blazing Dream” sporting not one but two women with a strong connection to the world of construction, but maybe you should take a quick peek at life in the woods before you decide to venture out. The first thing that you’ll notice is the sound of axe and chainsaw that create a steady flow of noise from dawn till dusk as Rowan tries to fight of her demons by cutting and splitting logs.

If you choose to stay home to have some peace and quiet, I know someone who will venture out – that’s Brandy – she has just inherited a rather run-down property from her aunt, and now she is looking to spend some time fixing it up with her next-door neighbour Rowan looking on.

If it wasn’t for the noise of Rowan’s axe and chainsaw or the occasional gift she leaves at Brandy’s door, Brandy wouldn’t know that anyone was around watching her work, that’s until the day – months later – when she slides of her roof only to be caught in Rowans strong arms! From then on thoughts of soft black hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous body crowed Brandy’s dream, but it will take Latisha the Queen to bring Rowan out of her hiding and into Brandy’s life.

“Blazing Dream” has a standard Larisa storyline, a funny dialogue, weird characters and a couple of woman who really needs someone to love. So if you like the strong butch characters in a funny setting, and can accept a fast moving romance – you could venture out into the woods with Brandy, Rowan and Latisha the Queen.

Blind Date by Larisa

Looking for love is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I guess that’s not so surprising, at least if you believe that everyone has a “soul mate” waiting somewhere. How on earth are we supposed to find “The One” among millions of people? Are there special paths to follow? If so why aren’t we given a rout plan at birth to guide us, and why haven’t Google released a special designed “Pathfinder to love”?

There has to be another path to love than one involving blind dates, but if it was an easy one to find I’m quite sure that Levi Straussenhofer – survivor of an infinite number of horrible blind dates – would have found it by now. On the other hand if she hadn’t done that final blind date with the vampire like college professor, she wouldn’t have found herself stuck under a table and between Brody O’Sullivan’s legs, so I guess that a blind date can bring you on the right track.

Levi is a food critic and a blond, green-eyed woman with a couple of crazy roommates, desperately looking for someone to share her life with, and Brody, who works in a fish market, is exactly what Levi is looking for – tall, dark-haired and with blue eyes! Did I hear anyone say soul mate ?

Well it might be something very close to love at first sight for Brody and Levi, but this is not one of those “falling in love and heat at first sight” kinds of stories. The women will – naturally – meet obstacles before they can consummate their love. One being that Levi find it quit possible that Brody is connected to mobsters on account of the bio hazard bin that she keeps at her front door with bloody clothes, and the amount of bleach that can be found in her bathroom… possibly for taking away blood stains!

Don’t worry even if it’s nothing like real life – its fun – at least in the standard Larisa fashions of crazy episodes, strange happenings, odd balls and a pair of gorgeous women stumbling all over them self and each other while looking for love.

I like the first part of the story the best. This is where you’ll find the description of a number of rather unsuccessful blind dates. Even if it’s exaggerated in a Larisa like way, it still reminds me why I would never go on a blind date – the memorable quote from Forrest Gump comes to mind ”Life Is like a Box of Chocolates… You Never Know What you’re Gonna Get!“I say the same goes for blind dates.

If you are fond of the crazy humour in Larisa’s stories, you will probably get a good laugh out of this one too, but if you aren’t a Larisa fan – I think that you should find something else to pass your time tonight.

The Nipple Factory by JLNicky and Honeybakedham

Don’t you just hate that – the beginning of chaos in you world of definite order. It might be a stack of books not put away on the right shelf in the bookcase, a number of half-finished items of food in the fridge, the enormous amount of shoes that accumulate in the closet with every change of season …… Well actually I’m not a neat freak; I do tend to leave little piles of things lying around the house, where I think that I might need them ….soon. I mean why put yesterday’s newspaper away if you didn’t finish reading it? I’ll surly …not… get around to reading it tomorrow, but one can always hope.

Major Shiela Patton certainly don’t agree with leaving piles of stuff around that don’t fit in her well-ordered military warehouse, so when a delivery from Babies 1st Nipples of 100.000 baby bottle replacement nipples arrive at the door she immediately set into action – this stuff has to go back NOW. Unfortunately that does prove to be a rather difficult task to carry out, even if you have a commanding attitude like Major Patton.

If you want your protagonist butch, look no further for your fun. Major Patton is everything you need – six feet tall and sharply dressed in fatigue and combat boots, with an athletic body and raven coloured hair, wearing sunglasses regardless of being inside, or out. So what can wear down a career soldier like our Major Patton ? Surly you must have guessed ? A woman’s tears !

And tears are what Major Patton encounters when she tries to get Bobbi Dellicroix – the owner of the Babies 1st Nipples company – to pick up the out-of-place goods from her warehouse. As you can imagine the tearful apologies of Bobbi convinces Major Patton to help rectify the problem herself – she loads up a 5 ton truck with the goods and drives off to meet Bobbi.

Did you guess ? You probably did! Yes – Bobbi is a small woman with the most beautiful green eyes! But she has something above and beyond green eyes which will keep Major Patton occupied for a while. If you want to know what it is, you will have to look up this story and go visit the war zone that the Major has landed in.

This is humour and at places actually rather fun, even if “The Nipple Factory” doesn’t really have a consistent storyline. When I think about it this story is essentially a number of funny one liners, and I guess that I chose to let you know about the story because I liked the basic idea of the storyline even if it wasn’t really explored to its full extent.

In the story a number of – let’s say – unnecessary characters fools around for no apparent reason. I get the feeling that some of these extra characters are moulded over “well-known” fictional characters that I’m not familiar with? What ever else might be the reason for including something like 15 siblings of the Major in a story 44 pages long?

As you might know I’m partial to the humour you can find in a standard Larisa storyline – so if you want humour and a bit of romance in a more structured storyline you could look up my favourite Larisa story “The Phantom” or perhaps “Kicking and Screaming”. Larisa has also written a story featuring a protagonist in the military it’s titled “Da Nang”. I didn’t find this story to be quit so funny and catching as other Larisa stories, but it seems to be well-liked by other readers as it has a high rating on The Athenaeum, so maybe it’s just that the war theme is not my cup of tea.

Game, Set and Match by Ali Vali aka A. Valdivia

For some the World Cup (football / soccer) is the focus of attention right now, others might spend time watching the Wimbledon tennis tournament and some – like I – am waiting for the cyclist of The Tour de France to get on their bikes and pedal out of Rotterdam in The Netherlands on July 3rd.

If you get tired of watching the sports on TV, you might want to take a little time with a (fan) fic touching on a sport theme. So I invite you to pick your favourite game on the list below and to relax while you “watch” the ladies work out!

How about starting off with a game of field hockey ? If you like this game or if you are just curious as to what it’s all about, you might look up “The Player” and join Gil and Emma while they play the game and get to know each other – review.

Should field hockey not be to you liking, you could look in on “America’s Sweetheart” by Catherine Burke a sweet romance written on the backdrop of women’s soccer in the US (review).

If golf is your sport – you can stop by “The Deal” by M. Ryan (review) in this story you’ll be treated to an almost play by play run through of the game, while you follow Kaz’s in the world of News.

The road from Kilimanjaro” (review) might be somewhat off a strict sports theme, but if you are not too keen on chasing after a ball you might like to go hiking up the mountain slops of Mt. Kilimanjaro or journey along on a safari with KG MacGregor, while Mary Kate and Kristine get acquainted or perhaps you would rather join Ryan and Jamie on a bike ride in the “Beginning” of their rather long relationship in SX Meagher’s ”I Found My Heart in San Francisco” series – by the way – you’ll find plenty of sports played out in this series as Ryan is a real sports jock (review).

Blue Calm” by Larisa will give you a touch of the atmosphere on the beaches of Hawaii while Tucker learns to navigate the waves on a surfboard and Dunk takes her last win in the Pipe Master Competition (review).

Finally I’ll leave you on Centre Court with Parker King and her racket as she whacks the ball and let it fly past the player on the other side of the net to win the women’s singles final in Wimbledon. Parker is the “bad girl” of the tennis world – dating and discarding women as “just another notch in my lipstick case” (That’s a new one … I think?) and it’ll take a transatlantic flight and a disastrous – but funny – meeting with a blond pilot to changes Parkers lifestyle.

Emily – the blond pilot in question – on the other hand takes her love life serious. Returning from a three weeks stretch of transatlantic flights she meets Gail – her partner of three years – for a short vacation at a rented beach house to reconnect, but this is just another disaster waiting to happen as Gail’s long time habit of drinking becomes unbearable.

Luckily enough it turns out that Parker resides next door to the beach house that Emily rents and I guess that that is all the invitation needed to start Parker and Emily off on the road toward friendship and perhaps, who knows something more. Hey don’t get too excited – you’ll have to watch the ladies work through some misunderstandings before they can walk the path laid out, but that’s just the way it is in romantic fiction !

Ali Vali has penned a number of stories among these “A place to dance” which is the one I like best, but “Game, Set and Match” is a nice romance with a sprinkle of drama and a bit of funny dialogue that’ll keep you well entertained. Just bear in mind that Ali Vali has a tendency to be a little lax with the editing, which might be slightly confusing at times.

In case you are wondering – I do know that you can find a ton of (fan) fic’s on the theme of women’s basketball. I might get around to do a list of basketball fics later – perhaps when the indoor season knocks on the door again.

Blue Calm by Larisa

I know that you probably don’t want to hear about it no more, but I’m a biiig Larisa fan, and well I’m the blogger, your the reader, so at least in this aspect of life I’ll lead and you follow … well I guess that’s just until you hit the keyboard and quell my ramblings while you turn you attention onto other more interesting topics on the net.

According to the calendar it’s summer – it’s supposed to be warm, sunny and dry, but it’s not! It’s lukewarm at best; the rain keeps falling and the sun …. well I haven’t seen it for days.

So I for one needs a bit of sunny weather to keep my spirit up and I know just where to find it! I’ll pack my bags and take the surfboard on a spin in the waves of the coast of Hawaii – ups I think that I got to get myself a new bikini or something – the granny black thing in the back of the bottom drawer in my dresser certainly wont do at a surfer paradise … OK so while I go pick up a chick bikini why don’t you entertain yourself with a couple of Larisa goofballs and a pair of women making go-go eyes at each other?

Let me introduce you to Tucker Danes, her fiancé Steve, the bartender and surfer Dunk and her friends Ripples and Furball (the Larisa goofballs) and their sunny retreat in Hawaii.

Tucker Danes is not having quite the kind of vacation in Hawaii that you would usually dream of – at least not in the beginning – but after having dished her fiancé and making the acquaintance of Mama – who rents out guest houses on the beach – things turn for the better when her green eyes meet Dunk’s baby blue.

And yes – they are “baby” blue – Dunk might have been around the block a few times – but deep down she is just a searching soul looking for someone to love and to love her back – and it seems that Tucker might just be that someone Dunk needs to fill her soul, body and mind.

If you want to feel the sun warming your skin and a romance your heart, join Tucker as she hangs out with Dunk at the beach learning to surf the waves, while they skinny dip at secluded waterfalls or hang out with Dunk’s best friends the goofballs Ripples and Furball. I guess that they could just be new friends taking pleasure in each others company, but if you believe that a leopard can changes its spots or a tiger its strips you might just believe that the hereto straight Tucker can fall head over heels for her butch new friend Dunk in two weeks.

This is classic Larisa fun with laughable scenes and funny dialogue, a bit of drama and of cause true love! ***Spoiler alert! This time Larisa even throws in a home birth and baby stuff,yes believe it or not Dunk – almost – got Tucker pregnant all by herself.

Passion’s Bright Fury by Radclyffe

I’m not really a big fan of TV-series but I must admit that I have a thing for Medical dramas. I think that it started with “Chicago Hop” back in the ’90, followed by “ER” and now “Grey’s Anatomy”. So I guess it’s no real surprise that I also like my online romances with a storyline set in the medical world.

I my opinion the queen of the alternative medical romance drama is undoubtedly Radclyffe. You will find a number of her published books in a medical setting among these “Turn back time”, “Fated love” and “Night Call”- go look at the Bold Stroke Books if you want to have a closer look at those. “Turn back time” is the one I like the best.

A number of Radclyffes stories are also available online, among these you’ll find “Passion’s Bright Fury” which sports Dr. Saxon Sinclare, Chief of Trauma at St. Michael’s Hospital in lower Manhattan and Jude Castle, director of a documentary medical series to be filmed at St. Michales featuring one of Sax’s first-year trauma fellow. As you might have guessed the filming of a documentary at St. Michales is not Sax’s idea, but professional disagreements aside Sax and Jude do seem to have something in common – a love of good coffee, an appreciation of good looking women and a life devoted to work, not leaving time for love. But even if they have common ground to explore, Sax and Jude are still in for a bit of fighting about how to incorporate filming into the hectic life of medical trauma and along the way – how to act on the attraction building between them.

Saxson Sinclare is moulded over the basic characteristics of a Radclyffe protagonist – a tough, confident, butch woman with a soft, tender and wounded heart needing true love to heal. As always you’ll find a number of well filled out characters in the vicinity of the plot, and a well put together storyline – so you have something to look forward to if you haven’t been looking in on this Radclyffe fic yet.

If you like a Medical drama setting for your romance you could also look up one of Larisa’s fics “The Blues” or “The Ice Princess” where you will find the usual number of dumb ass Larisa hang a rounds and a couple of good looking doc’s with a love interest, or you could look into “Jungle Fever” by Anik LaChev, which I’ll tell you about in a separate review.

Kicking and Screaming by Larisa

If you think that a romantic storyline benefits from a sprinkle of humour and you don’t mind a rather butch bunch of girls running around, you’ve got to look into the stories written by Larisa. I’ve already reviewed my favourite “The Phantom”, but I think that “Kicking and Screaming” is also worth reading, if you are fond of Larisa.

Larisa normally uses two set of characters, the protagonists and a couple of rather hilarious sidekicks, who helps to get the ball rolling when it comes to creating the funny scenes and dialogues. In “Kicking and Screaming” we only have one set of girls to focus on, but they have a unique way of attracting small mishaps and the likes, and its fun to “watch” from a safe distance.

This story centres around Aeryn who works as an investigator at her father’s law firm, which leaves her with a lot of shitty jobs, and often a bit to close to her colleague’s grubby hands. And grubby hands is exactly what lands Aeryn in yet another mishap, as she declares to everyone that she is gay, just to avoid the unwelcome hands. This declaration gets Aeryn an invitation for her and her girlfriend to a charity dinner – and 4 days to find … a girlfriend.

This is where Taylor comes in; she has a bet going with a friend that leaves her with the task of saving a damsel in distress and get her to go out with her on one date. After Taylor has spent her day looking for just the right opportunity to do her “saving”, she gets the chance she is looking for, when she sees a woman being assaulted, and this is how Taylor and Aeryn meet.

From here on it’s just a matter of getting “the straight girl” to wonder if she is really straight at all, and the “out lesbian” to decide that she ought to take a chance on love with a woman, who has just “jumped the fence”. Yes – Larisa uses one of the standard romantic storylines as a basis for the story, but it works just fine – even if we’ve seen it all before.

What I like about Larisa is the fact that she is able to come up with an interesting and funny setting for her stories, with a witty dialogue and some very likeable characters, but I’ve got to warn you about the editing. In “Kicking and Screaming” you will find all the usual problems that a good beta-reader would properly weed out.

If you like Larisa’s stories and you have read “The Phantom” you might want to look in on Aeryn and Taylor in “Kicking and Screaming”, and perhaps you should put one or more of the stories listed below on your reading list for a rainy day. You just have to put a bit of space in between reading each of the stories listed as you might otherwise get a bit tired of reading stories written from the same basic template.

The stories listed are not in the same league as “The Phantom”, as the they are too short for the characters to really develop and benefit from the imaginative setting, and for the reader to realise just why the protagonists falls in love and heat, and they do that .. fall in love and have lots of rather stereotype sex, but I still had fun reading as Larisa has a great sense of humour:

“The Ice Princess”
“Mender of Souls”
“Emotional Paralysis”
“Reason of Insanity”
“Rough Warrior”.

By the way I’ve saved the latest Larisa story “Operation Drop Zone” for a stormy weekend; I hope to get one of those soon!

Enjoy your time with Larisa!