Blue Calm by Larisa

I know that you probably don’t want to hear about it no more, but I’m a biiig Larisa fan, and well I’m the blogger, your the reader, so at least in this aspect of life I’ll lead and you follow … well I guess that’s just until you hit the keyboard and quell my ramblings while you turn you attention onto other more interesting topics on the net.

According to the calendar it’s summer – it’s supposed to be warm, sunny and dry, but it’s not! It’s lukewarm at best; the rain keeps falling and the sun …. well I haven’t seen it for days.

So I for one needs a bit of sunny weather to keep my spirit up and I know just where to find it! I’ll pack my bags and take the surfboard on a spin in the waves of the coast of Hawaii – ups I think that I got to get myself a new bikini or something – the granny black thing in the back of the bottom drawer in my dresser certainly wont do at a surfer paradise … OK so while I go pick up a chick bikini why don’t you entertain yourself with a couple of Larisa goofballs and a pair of women making go-go eyes at each other?

Let me introduce you to Tucker Danes, her fiancé Steve, the bartender and surfer Dunk and her friends Ripples and Furball (the Larisa goofballs) and their sunny retreat in Hawaii.

Tucker Danes is not having quite the kind of vacation in Hawaii that you would usually dream of – at least not in the beginning – but after having dished her fiancé and making the acquaintance of Mama – who rents out guest houses on the beach – things turn for the better when her green eyes meet Dunk’s baby blue.

And yes – they are “baby” blue – Dunk might have been around the block a few times – but deep down she is just a searching soul looking for someone to love and to love her back – and it seems that Tucker might just be that someone Dunk needs to fill her soul, body and mind.

If you want to feel the sun warming your skin and a romance your heart, join Tucker as she hangs out with Dunk at the beach learning to surf the waves, while they skinny dip at secluded waterfalls or hang out with Dunk’s best friends the goofballs Ripples and Furball. I guess that they could just be new friends taking pleasure in each others company, but if you believe that a leopard can changes its spots or a tiger its strips you might just believe that the hereto straight Tucker can fall head over heels for her butch new friend Dunk in two weeks.

This is classic Larisa fun with laughable scenes and funny dialogue, a bit of drama and of cause true love! ***Spoiler alert! This time Larisa even throws in a home birth and baby stuff,yes believe it or not Dunk – almost – got Tucker pregnant all by herself.

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