Safe Haven or Peconic Haven by Capt_Esq

One story, two titles – I can’t explain it but it seems that “Safe Haven” and “Peconic Haven” is one and the same story uploaded with different titles on The Academy of Bards and The Athenaeum. No mater the title I did like the story – it might follow the standard pattern of “girl meet girl”, but it has a somewhat different tone and a refreshing twist.

“Safe Haven” is not a drama and not a hot romance – it’s something in between. For once I’ll take care not to spoil your fun by relating the core of the plot, as I think that it’s an essential part of how much I enjoyed the first half of the story, so this time I’ll just give you a few of the ingredients that make up this story.

First ingredient is “The Wordsmith” – a lovely bookstore of the kind that caters to all you needs as a booklover. The Wordsmith has a large selection of titles on every conceivable subject from gardening, over household pets, poetry, biographies to lesfic. It’s a place where you can sample the books with a coffee in your hand, get help from the friendly staff or just ramble along the shelf’s at your own pace.

Next you have Nimah Fitzpatrick the owner of The Wordsmith – a woman leading a quiet life, nursing a broken heart after the sudden death of her college sweetheart and partner of 12 years. Nimah is a friendly and outgoing woman more than willing to lend a hand to those who needs it. This goes for her sister and her family of husband and twins, the staff at The Wordsmith and even a seemingly troubled woman, who has taken to walking the street outside The Wordsmith while reading a book.

The third important element in the storyline is the troubled soul Sam or Samantha – the woman walking the streets – that Nimah decides to befriend even thought this is not an easy task with someone who do not react when spoken to. You’ll have to look up the story to find out what makes Sam walk and read, read and walk …. why she stops walking and how Nimah and Sam builds a friendship that can help them both heal and overcome their fears and heartache.

The story revolves around these three elements woven together with a bit of drama, a slow development of trust, friendship and perhaps love between Nimah and Sam. It might sound like the standard storyline, but it has a core element that you don’t find in your standard (fan) fic.

I found the story to be captivating and well written with an interesting and well develop cast of characters and a plot beyond the usual in (fan) fiction. I think the story works the best in the first half where the core element of “surprise” is still kept from the reader. When this is revealed the story turns a bit “lesson like” as if the writer wants to make sure that we have all the facts straight and from that point the characters turns a bit stereotype with a bit too much of doing “the right thing” for my taste. But all in all an enjoyable and recommendable read.

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