The Phantom by Larisa

If you can make a girl laugh and her heart beat fast – you can make her do anything! But I guess that Callaway didn’t know that when she took out Branson with her Tazer gun. Dressed all in black and out to stop the company that is cutting down the lush countryside she loves, Callaway meets head on with the big, and rather strong, construction worker who’s waiting for “The Phantom”, that has been causing her company trouble.

We are out somewhere in rural America for once and we are meeting up with a bunch of butch women with their hearts in the right places, and it’s a lot of fun. But let me give you a bit more of the storyline. After having Branson pass out on her, Callaway brings her back to her farmhouse and strikes a deal with her, she will get Branson to see the value of the country life she is about to destroy, if she’ll just stay on the farm for one week.

And Branson is in for the experience of her life. Days at the farm start really early in the morning and there are lots of chores to do but, on the other hand, the food is nice and the company is really great. Somewhere along the way the big butch construction worker turns into a softie, trying to ease the hard farm life for her newfound friend, and Callaway – well she just gets really used to having company on the farm. So a path towards romance is at hand, but don’t worry there is lots of drama and tons of fun for the girls on the way, and they get to share it with a couple of good friends.

All in all, a sure recipe for a time well spend should you chose to read the “The Phantom”, but I’ve got to say that there is one thing that I just don’t get, and that’s the fascination with women standing up to pee. Sure, it would be practical when you are outdoors, but please spare me all the practicalities and the trial and error thing.

Enjoy your story time!

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