Passion’s Bright Fury by Radclyffe

I’m not really a big fan of TV-series but I must admit that I have a thing for Medical dramas. I think that it started with “Chicago Hop” back in the ’90, followed by “ER” and now “Grey’s Anatomy”. So I guess it’s no real surprise that I also like my online romances with a storyline set in the medical world.

I my opinion the queen of the alternative medical romance drama is undoubtedly Radclyffe. You will find a number of her published books in a medical setting among these “Turn back time”, “Fated love” and “Night Call”- go look at the Bold Stroke Books if you want to have a closer look at those. “Turn back time” is the one I like the best.

A number of Radclyffes stories are also available online, among these you’ll find “Passion’s Bright Fury” which sports Dr. Saxon Sinclare, Chief of Trauma at St. Michael’s Hospital in lower Manhattan and Jude Castle, director of a documentary medical series to be filmed at St. Michales featuring one of Sax’s first-year trauma fellow. As you might have guessed the filming of a documentary at St. Michales is not Sax’s idea, but professional disagreements aside Sax and Jude do seem to have something in common – a love of good coffee, an appreciation of good looking women and a life devoted to work, not leaving time for love. But even if they have common ground to explore, Sax and Jude are still in for a bit of fighting about how to incorporate filming into the hectic life of medical trauma and along the way – how to act on the attraction building between them.

Saxson Sinclare is moulded over the basic characteristics of a Radclyffe protagonist – a tough, confident, butch woman with a soft, tender and wounded heart needing true love to heal. As always you’ll find a number of well filled out characters in the vicinity of the plot, and a well put together storyline – so you have something to look forward to if you haven’t been looking in on this Radclyffe fic yet.

If you like a Medical drama setting for your romance you could also look up one of Larisa’s fics “The Blues” or “The Ice Princess” where you will find the usual number of dumb ass Larisa hang a rounds and a couple of good looking doc’s with a love interest, or you could look into “Jungle Fever” by Anik LaChev, which I’ll tell you about in a separate review.

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