Jungle Fever* by Anik LaChev

Should you stumble on a rainy Sunday sometime with nothing better to do than putting up your feet, and you want to entertain your self with yet another Medical romance drama you could look up “Jungle Fever”. This is a long uber based on a Spanish medical drama “Hospital Central” a TV-series that I’m not familiar with. From a bit of browsing on the net I can see that it’s a rather popular show and that AfterEllen.com has a number of articles and post following the series.

“Jungle Fever” is a sweet romance partly set in a Médecins Sans Frontières clinic in Congo where Ester, with a fiancé back home, meet and fall in love with Maca, an out lesbian hurt by a failed love affair, and the fact that her family can’t accept her lesbian lifestyle. The question is if this is just a “Jungle Fever” for Ester or if she will hold on to Maca once they return to Spain.

As the fic is set in a not so quiet part of the world, you’ll also see a fair bit of drama, and the story will keep you on the edge while you wonder if it’s at all possible that there can be a happy ending for Ester and Maca.

I liked the story for its refreshingly new setting, the a well put together cast of characters and of course for the believable progression of the relationship between Ester and Maca. I really do think that Anik LaCheve has a great pen and if you like the style of writing, you could look up her story “Campus” – not a medical drama though.

*The link is for the author’s homepage as she has asked that no direct links are established.

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