Thy Neighbor’s Wife by Georgia Beers

This was my third Georgia Beers book and my appreciation for her writing style and ability to tell a story has only grown stronger. In this offering, Alex meets Jennifer on the day she and her husband, Eric, are signing the papers to buy the house next door for their new summer home. Eric is a successful lawyer in his father’s firm and Jennifer doesn’t work. In a nutshell, they are a rich, young, and good looking couple who seem to have it all. Alex is a writer and former teacher who was given her home by an aunt and lives at the lake with her little dog year round.

Jennifer spends the vast majority of the summer without Eric, who seems to have more work than he can handle and spends his nights close to the office in another town. Alex and Jennifer spend nearly all their time together, learning about each other, getting to be friends, and discovering a physical attraction.

It was an easy read and I connected pretty quickly with the characters and, as usual, the more minor characters were just as nicely written. There’s some background information given about both of our main characters that helps us to understand some of the decisions that they’ve made and some of the hesitation in making new ones. Here’s the only thing that threw off my reading flow – Jennifer’s eyes kept changing from blue to green. I know, it’s not a big deal, but I’m one of those readers that get thrown off by inconsistencies like that. The toddler in the book also changed from being 3 years old to being 2 – again, not a big deal. I figure if that was the worst that I can come up with, it was pretty damn good.

I plan to eventually get all of Ms. Beers’ books. She’s become one of my very favorite romance writers.

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