A Matter of Trust by Radclyffe

If you trust in Radclyffes ability to turn out a good fic you really don’t have to read this review, just go directly to the story by using the link in the title of this post, this will save you some time, but then again you’ll miss out on my bit of rambling.

I’ve read a number of Radclyffes uber / original on-line fics and I’ve never been really disappointed with the quality of the offered stories even though not all of them have made it to my personal list of favourite fics.

I’ve even supported the writer and Bold Strokes Books by buying a number of Radclyffe novels in print. I still think that if I pay good money for a book, I need to hold it in my hands! I know this shows that I’m way past my teenage years, but somehow I don’t think that the looks of a NAS-computer storing my books and other files can compare to the large bookcase in my living room. The bookcase gives a certain “bookish aura” to the room that I find alluring. I wonder how we are going to show off our book or music collections in the future if it’s all just a matter of digital data on a computer or the right to access files kept somewhere on the net ?

Some of you might find these thoughts a bit geekish, but I thought this kind of ramble would fit quite well with “A Matter of Trust”, that sports a computer geekish butch protagonist by the name of J.T. Sloan, who runs an it-security firm, and a more feminine woman by the name of Michael Lassiter (!) who is the CEO of Lassiter Designs, an it-company about to break into the Fortune 500.

Michael engages Sloan and her company to help secure her assets when she prepares to divorce her husband and dissolve their business partnership. The work Sloan does might be slightly geekish – running security checks, restoring system and data files etc., but what this boils down to is the classic alt romantic storyline of straight woman meet out lesbian and fall in love, both women questions or even fight the attraction for different reasons, until one or both of them make the giant leap of faith and declare her love. You might say that you’ve read that story before, but I ask where would we be in this world of lesfic if women didn’t keep jumping that fence? For one – we might be out of toaster ovens!

“A Matter of Trust” is a nice story but not among Radclyffe’s best works. I think that “Passion Bright Furry”, that I reviewed on an earlier occasion, has a stronger character development and storyline, in addition to a much more compelling romance, but I’ve read “A Matter of Trust” a number of times and still think that it’s entertaining enough to keep it on my “save for a future rereading” list – haven’t you got one of those too?


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