Unlimited Sexual Favors by Cephalgia and MJ

In my last review I referred to a discussion on the blog “Women and Words” about how a good lesfic should end. If you did follow the link in the review and looked in on the blog you properly noticed that the discussion turned to yet another “essential question”; should lesfic’s include sex. Now there you have a subject with substance for a long discussion ……. luckily enough the on line universe of f/f fiction has a story for everyone.

I for one don’t mind if the writer wants to mix romance and sex – somehow the two do mix rather well – but I don’t think that sex is a necessity in a romance. A romance can work well with just a kiss, a hug and a promise of something more. On the other hand if sex is to be part of a story, I have a few prerequisites, for one it must come natural and be a relevant an integral part of the storyline, and secondly the sex has to be well written – hmmm that’s a real explicit description. I guess it’s hard to pinpoint what makes a sex scene interesting – and it’s properly a rather subjective thing – so let me just say, that sometime less detail and fewer repetitions work better than the opposite.

Let me recommend a few f/f romances with different attitudes towards the sex scenes. In “Miss-Match” by Aurelia and A. C. Henley you’ll find a sweet and funny romance with a very light dabble at a sex scene in the end, which I found to work real well with the tone of the story in general. I’ve reviewed this story on an earlier occasion.

If you want something a little more explicit, but still with a lot left to you own imagination, you could look up my all time favourite romance “Rumors” by BadSquirrel. In this romance I found the sex scenes well integrated in the storyline and abiding quite nicely with my rule of “less detail” and repetition. You might have guessed that I’ve also reviewed this fic on an earlier occasion.

You’ll find a quit different way of mixing romance and sex in Vertigo’s “Caution: Under Construction” this is a great romance with a high number of explicit sex scenes, but I do think that this works rather well with both the storyline and characters chosen for this fic (review).

If what you really want are infinite sex scenes with a touch of plot you could look up “Unlimited sexual favours” by Cephalgia and MJ. It’s well written and a bit of fun. “Unlimited sexual favours” is the story of Wilder and Darcy, one a lesbian the other straight, long time friends, and one of them with that one secret that can’t be told to a straight best friend. The basis of the “storyline” – which is really a string of sex scenes – is a bet, one that I don’t think friends would normally make, but for Wilder and Darcy the bet seems to work wonders. I’m sorry – but I think I need to leave the rest of the “storyline” for you to read.

What I like about this fic is that even though it is erotica, the writers still presents it with enough of a romantic twist to make it interesting and with a couple of likeable characters. Two sequels to the story has been written – “More Unlimited Sexual Favours” and “The Return of Unlimited Sexual Favours”.


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