A Step too Far? by H.W.

“In 2109 World War 3 finally ended.”

But the story really only starts in 2172. One of the breakthrough developments is that human bodies (pods) can be grown artificially, another is that artificial intelligence units can be hooked up to the pods. This has created an industry that caters to those rich enough to buy a perfect servant, or even a playmate.

Athena ‘Ena’ Jason is a top programmer, who is looking to improve the programming of the AI units. Boy (ahem, girl), does she succeed…

The author admits to somewhat less than perfect editing due to time restraints — something I find hard to understand. Why let the story suffer to (probably) be part of a contest? Even the concept of a ‘contest’ where creative work is involved escapes me.

However, the author promises “a longer version of this story”. And for now, it’s nice to read, if you are into that kind of story.


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