Artist’s Dream by Gerri Hill

You might already know Gerri Hill from her novels published by Bella Books. A few of these has been reviewed by Cheri. If you haven’t familiarised yourself with Hill’s work yet, and you need an appetizer before you decide to spend your money on her published work, you can try out one of the fic’s by Hill available for download at the PDAfiction site.

I would recommend that you start out with “Artist’s Dream” that I have found to be a captivating romance. The story is centred on a woman’s struggle with her strict religious upbringing and her attraction to women. At the age of 33 Cassie has successfully run from her attraction to women for years, even in light of constant attempts from her lesbian best friend Kim and her partner Lisa to make her stop and own up to her true feelings.

You can run, but you cannot hide, at least not forever, what put an end to Cassie’s running from herself is the long tanned legs and dark brown eyes of Luke, a woman with a history of bad relationships and a battered heart. Luke is a successful architect and new to the small local community of artists and organic farmers, where Cassie and her friends live their lives. A string of chance meetings between Cassie and Luke paves the way to a friendship, a friendship that can turn into more if Cassie’s fears and her father don’t put an end to it.

“Artist’s Dream” is based one of the classic romantic storylines in lesfic, but I found it to be well executed and with an interesting and likeable cast of characters to move the story along. So I can definitely recommend that you give it a try.

For those of you who might not be familiar with the PDAfiction site where “Artist’s Dream” is archived I’ve included the following information.

If you like to keep your favourite on line fiction on file, PDAfiction offers a number of fics for download in different formats. I’m real fond of the .lit format that can be read on Windows based devices with the Microsoft Reader, which is free software you can download here.

The Athenaeum has also started to offer the option to download fic’s archived on the site in a number of formats. Should you have difficulties reading the formats offered on the devices that you have, you can use the free software Calibre to convert files to a number of different formats used on eBook readers and to keep your eBook library organised.

Don’t hesitate to try this out – I’m definitely not a computer geek – and I’ve had no difficulties with the software mentioned.


  1. This was the first Gerri Hill story I read at I also enjoyed Kara's Moon. I really do like her writing style.

    And thanks for posting the info about Calibre. I've been using it for a couple years now and absolutely love it. Fantastic.

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