Rumors by BadSquirrel (Thanks to UK for the guest review!)

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

This would be an ample introduction to one of my favourite on line stories if one was to believe that old Walt had been looking into the universe of fan fiction of the alternative kind.

“Rumors” is a quality read of moderate length with a gallery of lovable characters in a heart touching romantic storyline. Furthermore the story is well edited which – as you know – is not always the case in the universe of fan fiction.

The story centres on Hannah who is the proud owner of her own business “Doggy Styles” – no it’s not a sex club, it’s in fact a dog grooming business!

Life, or rather Brenda, Hannah’s former lover of 6 years, has made Hannah a bit hesitant when it comes to love but when her friends Freddie and Jay introduces her to Jill over a small dinner party she decides that she would like to get to know her better.

Ok – so far just the average story but it picks up when Kelly is slowly introduced into the storyline. Kelly is fun, sweet and totally “not real life” but who cares it’s a romance – right!

Kelly is very butch with her short spiky hair, well toned body, her line of work as a mechanic and in her clothing style. Totally not someone that Hannah would find interesting. On the other hand there is an attraction and it’s definitely not one sided. Kelly seems to have a dream of her own and that dream includes Hannah and Kelly clearly has the courage to pursue her dream when she is given the chance.

I’ll not get into the encounters between Hannah and Kelly. You ought to read “Rumors” and let the characters tell you the story of their life – it’s both sweet and funny. Don’t worry there are the necessary bumps on the road for Hannah and Kelly. Just so that you have to wonder if they will make it to a happy ending!

If you like this story you could look into the other stories by BadSquirrel on The Athenaeum. The stories are all well written but none of them as sweet as this one and beware of “The Dark Side of the Moon” it’s a bit steamy for my taste (BDSM).

Enjoy your story time.

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