One Good Memory by BadSquirrel

Her mother wanted her named Mariel but the nurse got it wrong, so Maryl can blame her name on a typo! She can blame her meeting with Robin on the current of a river, and she is sure that she herself is to blame for not being able to hold on to a partner.

On the other hand Maryls lacking in the relationship department don’t make her hold back when she makes the acquaintance of a very naked Robin, while she her self is sunbathing on a rock, in the nude, in the river stream. It’s supposed to be a secluded place, so I guess it can’t really be labelled indecent exposure – can it?

Now don’t get me wrong these women aren’t water nymphs running around in the wild, there is a perfectly good explanation for the meeting between Maryl and Robin, but perhaps a slightly less valid excuse for them meeting in the buff.

Had BadSquirrel been lacking in her abilities the story of Maryl and Robin would have ended as a nothing but a PWP. As it is the women’s trysts on the river bank proves to be “One Good Memory” and something that can perhaps in time lead to more.

This is romance but in the BadSquirrel fashion, as you might know by now it’s a trademark of this pen to teach us patience. Go back to the stories “Rumors” and “Shine” and you’ll find patient women waiting for their love interest to notice them and you’ll find women who will spend time on wooing their girlfriends and cultivating a relationship.

“One Good Memory” is no different – so again BadSquirrel gives us a woman with staying power and persistence, one that will work on finding happiness for herself and on persuading the love of her life to accept the love she is offering.

I like the fic’s by BadSquirrel for the romantic storyline, the development of the characters and the fact that we are never left alone with just a couple of ladies, but always treated to a supporting cast of likeable family and friends. This story is no different from other BadSquirrel fic’s except perhaps for the quick development of the encounter between Maryl and Robin.

“One Good Memory” is an entertaining story, but as a genuine BadSquirrel fan, who like the protagonist to take a bit of time before they jump between the sheets, I’m most fond of the last half of the story, but don’t let that scare you off.

When you read this review you should bear in mind that I’m a BIG BadSquirrel fan and that “Rumors”’s is my all time favourite online fic (yes I do know I’ve mentioned this a number of times!) so I might just favour BadSquirrel’s writing a wee bit.

Shine by BadSquirrel

You must have a special one, a number one, one that always come out at the top of any list you make, one that you can always use to compare others to…. well in the universe of (fan) fiction my all time favourite is “Rumors” by BadSquirrel. I know I already reviewed this fic on an earlier occasion so I won’t repeat my self, but – if you’ll have a little patience with me – I’ll introduce you to another BadSquirrel fic, that I found sort of captivating, even if it’s not going to make it to my list of favourites.

Patience – you and Maureen alike will need a bit of patience if you want to get to know Shine. If you ask how she came by that name, she will tell you, that she was born in San Francisco in the late 60’s, and that she was actually one of the lucky ones! But Shine is in no-way anything like a free-spirit of the 60’s. Actually she is living in a sort of self chosen isolation – she lives alone, keeps her colleagues at the local radio station at an arms length, and she takes great care not to make any friends at all!

Persistence – is what Maureen – the county librarian – needs if she wants to have a chance of any sort of relationship with Shin, who has captivated Maureen with her voice through the local airwave. And luckily for us, Maureen is nothing but persistent in her work towards getting Shine to go out with her.

** SPOILER ALERT **Perfection is what you get if you have the patience to wait for it and the persistence to keep working at it. Maureen has both and if you sit tight, you’ll get a chance to see how Maureen slowly gets Shine to ease out of her reclusive lifestyle and back into the world and into Maureens arms, where it seems that she fits – just perfectly.

“Shine” is an unhurried alt romance with an easy to follow and classic storyline offering you a couple of enjoyable protagonists with a personal history to battle. It’s almost angst free, but with a little bit of drama well integrated and relevant to the storyline, and I found it to be well edited and with at good dialog.

I must warn you though; this story moves slow and evenly – no jumping around from one spectacular scene to the next – but if you are looking for romance, and you are one of the patient ones, you just have to lean back and let BadSquirrel take you through the lives of Maureen and Shine.

Rumors by BadSquirrel (Thanks to UK for the guest review!)

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

This would be an ample introduction to one of my favourite on line stories if one was to believe that old Walt had been looking into the universe of fan fiction of the alternative kind.

“Rumors” is a quality read of moderate length with a gallery of lovable characters in a heart touching romantic storyline. Furthermore the story is well edited which – as you know – is not always the case in the universe of fan fiction.

The story centres on Hannah who is the proud owner of her own business “Doggy Styles” – no it’s not a sex club, it’s in fact a dog grooming business!

Life, or rather Brenda, Hannah’s former lover of 6 years, has made Hannah a bit hesitant when it comes to love but when her friends Freddie and Jay introduces her to Jill over a small dinner party she decides that she would like to get to know her better.

Ok – so far just the average story but it picks up when Kelly is slowly introduced into the storyline. Kelly is fun, sweet and totally “not real life” but who cares it’s a romance – right!

Kelly is very butch with her short spiky hair, well toned body, her line of work as a mechanic and in her clothing style. Totally not someone that Hannah would find interesting. On the other hand there is an attraction and it’s definitely not one sided. Kelly seems to have a dream of her own and that dream includes Hannah and Kelly clearly has the courage to pursue her dream when she is given the chance.

I’ll not get into the encounters between Hannah and Kelly. You ought to read “Rumors” and let the characters tell you the story of their life – it’s both sweet and funny. Don’t worry there are the necessary bumps on the road for Hannah and Kelly. Just so that you have to wonder if they will make it to a happy ending!

If you like this story you could look into the other stories by BadSquirrel on The Athenaeum. The stories are all well written but none of them as sweet as this one and beware of “The Dark Side of the Moon” it’s a bit steamy for my taste (BDSM).

Enjoy your story time.