Snowbound by Queenfor4 aka Regina

As soon as “green eyes meets blue” you know the protagonists of the storyline even if you never actually watched “The Show”. If I had any doubt as to the origin of the characters it was put to rest when I stumbled across a pair of dogs – one small and golden, the other large and black – going by the name of the favourite ladies!

In “Snowbound” Queenfor4 tells the story of the homophobic mystery writer Megan Galagher who takes a wrong turn while driving back home, and her meeting with Dr. Randi Oakes, a lesbian who hides out in her hilltop home in the woods, while trying to come to terms with her inability to heal a dying friend. By way of a car accident, a rescue mission and a lot of snow Megan gets to spend long weeks in Randi’s hilltop home while healing broken bones, fighting feelings of homophobia and a growing attraction of Randi.

I found “Snowbound” entertaining – if just a tad too predictable, and I would have liked the writer to expand the story with a more active role for the supporting characters of family and friends. As for the quality of writing – it’s ok, but don’t expect much. I did laugh on a few occasions though – this was one of them “…..her libido was beating on the bars of its cage with an aluminium bat” hmmm never read that line before.

For all uber X/G fans let me add, that the story seems to have all the necessary bits and pieces that makes a good uber, like the “soul mate thing”, the instant attraction between the ladies and heroism on the part of our dark lady, who gets the chance to evoke pictures in our minds of an Amazon fiercely fighting to protect her soul mate.

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