Licit Cusp by Weebod

I’ve been following a discussion on the blog ”Woman and Words” about how a good lesfic should end. The question posed was whether we – the readers – needed lesfic to have a “Happily Ever After” ending. Well for me the answer is easy. I’m into romantic fictions – at least when I’m on line – and I do want a happy end of sorts, but I can easily do without an “I do”, a kiss and a hug between the protagonists is enough. As you know this condition is almost always met in the on line universe of f/f romances – if not, I for one won’t mention the story at this site, should I be unfortunate enough to have spend time reading it – uuhhhh what a waste ;-).

I thought that this review could focus a bit on the HEA type of fiction which in my opinion includes the move from attraction, being in love to the more complicated everyday life of a relationship with the ups and downs. A number of this type fiction has been reviewed at this site. My favourite would be the “Anna and Lily stories” by KG MacGregorShaken”, “Stirred”, “Strained” a lovely series of stories that take the time to develop the characters and give the romance a substance that serves well as the basis for the ups and downs of the relationship, that I for one deem to be a HEA.

Another favourite of this type would be “All that matters” by S X Meagher in this story we follow friends turn into lovers, and the “sharing of a house” kind of living together turning into a relationship. No worries there are so much more to this looooong story that just these bits, so I’m certain you will enjoy it, even if you know by now it is also one of those stories, that I deem to have a HEA ending.

To put something new into this mix of stories that you properly already know, I’ll pass the Weebod story “Licit Cusp” on to you, this is a sweet story of a first love, that seem to be the love of a lifetime – definitely a HEA ending.

In “Licit Cusp” we get to meet the young Shona MacLeod, who has moved from the small Hebridean island of North Uist to Edinburg to study history at the university. Edinburg is not only far away from North Uist in terms of geography, but also in the way of life. North Uist is a small society and Shona’s father is a hard and religious man, who keeps his four children on a tight rein.

The move to Edinburg gives Shona the opportunity to experience new sides of life, to grow up and gain her independence. Taking up a job in “The Railwaymen’s Club” a local bar, run by the slightly older Toni, is a corner stone in the process for Shona, as Toni proves not only to be a good friend, but also a woman who can show her new way’s of life, and as you can imagine life have some love in store for Shona and Toni.

The story gives us the opportunity to follow a few years in the lives of Shona and Toni and that of their friends and family. It’s a nice and mellow, well written tale, without much angst and heartache. A good read in my opinion. You could say that Toni is perhaps too good to be true, but who cares – it’s not real life, and I guess some of us might take the hint from this leading lady, and look if we are sufficiently supportive of our partner, spouse, gf, lover or what ever you might call your “leading lady” – should you happen to have one of those.

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