Comic Book Life by Zee

It looks like Zee might be the flavour of the month, as this review concerns yet another of her stories, but you properly know how it is, if a story catches your eye, it’s hard not to dig around a bit and see if it’s a one-off. As for Zee I have found, that she has a distinctive humorous tone to her writing that I like, so I went looking for more fun, and in “Comic Book Life” I found a little romance that made me smile now and then.

When I was a teenager I had a craving for comic books, and gathered a large, but rather random selection, which I stored in my closet. It irritated my mom for years that I left it behind when I moved out, and that I wouldn’t let her throw it away.

Even though I used to have a varied taste in comic books, I never went for the super-natural heroes that would look anything like the character of The BloodRaven, a half-human, half-demon killing machine, fighting the good fight on the side of humanity.

The BloodRaven is a character that Remy has created as the protagonist for her comic books, and a popular one at that. So popular in fact that Alison, director of programming of the cable giant Showtime, and a friend of Remy’s, wants to put The BloodRaven on television. Remy on the other hand is dragging her feet, unable to see her heroin BloodRaven embodied by just any two-bit actress who happens to come along. That’s until Alison introduces Remy to Megan Sinclair, who turns out to be the girl that inspired Remy’s to draw the image of The BloodRaven for the first time back in junior high.

This is the story of how the comic book heroin BloodRaven is turned into a television show, but first and foremost it’s the story of a crush, one of those long ones that started at a tender age and never seem to stop, even when the loved one turns out to have a midget – sorry – a daughter, and a girlfriend with “wondertits”.

The story is low on the hot stuff, but high on the waiting for that one kiss, that will seal a destiny, and that’s just fine by me. While we wait for the ladies to find their way into each others arms, we get to have a bit of fun, especially with the interaction between Remy and the midget, Megan’s daughter Kit a six year old who seems to take a liking to Remy.

So if you just want a little a light romance with a touch of humour to pass time – look up Zee’s “Comic Book Life”.

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