Summer of Need by J. W. Heart

Who got the idea first? Who was the first to catch that humorous tone of voice? I’m a big fan of Larisa’s, so I’m probably biased, but hey don’t shoot me I’m only the reviewer and remember … you are entitled to you own opinion! I think that the Trace and Shannon series by J. W. Heart has a bit of the typical Larisa style in the characterisation of Dawg and Sydney. They are the Larisa style “hang a rounds” of the story. Displaying both the stereotypes thought to be butch behaviour and the basic nature of friendship, love etc.

This however is not the story of Dawg and Sydney – even though that might have been a good and funny read – this is the stories of Trace and Shannon, of how they met, fell in love, got separated and ended up a family after all. All in all the standard romantic storyline and then again a little more as the story has the twists and humour necessary to make it entertaining, even if it “just” another romance.

In the first instalment Trace, who needs a job for the summer, looks up Shannon on her rather rundown ranch. The reception she receives are less than friendly, but Shannon catches Trace’s eye and if Trace is nothing else she is certainly persistent in her aim to help out Shannon, and get a chance to get to know her up close and personal.

In the sequel “Meanwhile Back At The Ranch” we get acquainted with Dawg, Sydney and JT who is just a little 3 years old squid who’s care Trace is entrusted with rather by chance, and this mix turns out to be a funny one.

We get to continue the story with the follow-ups “The Winter Of Our Discontent”, which take the little family through the holiday season blessed with a visit from Dawg and a very pregnant Sydney, and “The Last Hurrah” where we get to meet the bit of family, that you really just want to forget ever existed, and then again every one can change.

The story has a lot of humour and a 3 year old who is perhaps a little to wise for her years, so if you take your romance stories with a smile you might like the stories of Trace and Shannon. I for one found many episodes that made me smile.

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