Past is Present by Zee

I like my romance stories much the same as my orange juice! I take it “straight” no fancy mixing with vodka and the likes. The same goes for my reading. Let me have the romance with all the getting to know each other, the angst, insecurities and obstacles etc., but please keep it “straight” no mixing with drama. If you are anything like me, and you decide to give this story by Zee a try, you just have to scroll through the parts where the xxxxxxxxxxxx* turns stalker. If you do that you might enjoy this classic romance of young love lost and found. On the other hand if you like the mixing of romance and drama, just keep a steady pace throughout the story – no scrolling – and enjoy the ride.

“Past is Present” is the story of Amanda an A-student aiming at becoming a physiotherapist and Cameron who work as a bouncer at the local stripclub. Amanda and Cameron come from vastly different background – one with a supporting family setting and the other exactly the opposite. They strike up a friendship during high school, but loose touch when Amanda decides that kissing Cameron is not something that she wants after all, at least not at that time, but I guess you know that “Denial aren’t just a river in Egypt”.

A chance meeting puts Amanda and Cameron in touch again four years later, and …. surprise they still hold a special place in each others hearts. So this is the story of how they struggle to recapture love and create the trust necessary to build a relationship, and this is not an easy task as Cameron carries a baggage that she must come to terms with before she can pursue a relationship.

Amanda and Cameron is a couple of convincing characters, and their evolving romance is sweet with a dash of laughter especially in the interaction with the large cast of supporting characters of friends and almost family. I think that You could do a lot worse than spending a little time with these ladies.

If I’m to complain about anything, it’s the rather abrupt ending that leaves the reader to wonder a bit about the future for the girls, but I guess that just leaves that much more to our own imagination.

*If I told you who the stalker was, you might accuse me of ruining the suspense – so I won’t.

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