The Birthday Gift by Fletcher DeLancey

This is a very short review of a very short story: Elaine and Anne hike up a mountain. That’s all. Well, not quite. For one thing, the author manages to put the reader right there with the two ladies, thin air, the view from the top etc. Then there’s the twist at the end of the story, which I’m not going to give away here.

And then there is a kind of epilogue that left me with a (happy) lump in my throat.

Recommended reading, and, as always from this author, style, language, and editing are above criticism.

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  1. Did you know that Fletcher DeLancey has started a cool blog – not a fiction one, but one on everything between heaven and earth:

    "I'm writing again, though not what you'd think…I've finally started up a blog. It's called Oregon Expat, and is an outlet I've needed for my other love: science writing. No, it's not the dry stuff! Science writing is the art of "translating" scientific concepts into easy, readable and (if I'm doing my job right) fun bits of text that make you say, "Cool! I didn't know that!" For instance, do you know why birds never need bifocals? Most expert birders don't even know that, but you can."

    It's well written – take a look:


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