Turning Tides by A. K. Naten

Sometimes an attraction is all about sex, and sometimes sex is the beginning of something more, if you have the courage to open yourself up to your feelings and to the risk of being turned down, getting hurt or even having your heart broken.

In the case of MJ, attraction and sex is a game, a game of dominance, a game designed to keep feelings at bay and make sure that her heart is kept safe an unharmed, but even the most well designed games can turn bad.

MJ has been playing her games for a long time, and when Alison comes along, she becomes the next half hearted player – drawn to MJ, but never able to accept that she can’t get close to her. Vowing again and again that she will not be lured by MJ’s games, but always unable to resist when MJ starts to play with her mind, heart – and in the end – her body.

Drawing on her last bit of resolve Allison breaks away from MJ by quitting her job at Whitton – the company that MJ runs – and starts her life anew.

For MJ the game turns real bad, when she realizes that she has fallen in love with Allison and that her games have driven Allison away. The question is if MJ can overcome her fears and pursue Allison and offer her the heart that she has won.

“Turning Tides” is a long story that moves along in a slow pace, sometimes taking a little too long to paint the picture of the lives of MJ and Allison. The story would properly have benefited from a sub plot to support the storyline and perhaps a more developed supporting cast of characters. But don’t be put off by this – about halfway the intensity of the storyline picks up, as the feelings between MJ and Allison become stronger, and this is where I got drawn in by the story, which kept me up too late – again!

“Turning Tides” is a captivating story with a lot of pain and angst as MJ and Allison keep getting tangled up in their fears of getting involved, of rejection and whatever else that you can possibly think of – and really all they have to do is to act upon the love and reach out.

There is a short sequel to “Turning Tides” it’s called “Red Tide”, but it doesn’t really add much to the story.


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