Iron Rose Bleeding by Anne Azel

Courtney Hunter’s boss is gorgeous, powerful and very enigmatic. She is very rich but no one knows where her money comes from. She knows everyone, but no one knows anything about her. Taylor Alexandria Punga is a mystery Courtney wants to unveil. Recklessly she goes too far, and gets more than she bargained for..

I have never been a fan of this genre (I am not saying what it is!) but Courtney and Taylor are well drawn and characters and their story is very well written. Courtney’s sense of humor, Taylor’s almost innocence in certain aspects and her brilliance in others make this story a hit.
The story has probably not been edited, but the mistakes are not enough to keep you from enjoying it. I really like Anne Azel’s style as she does not have much “filling” as other writers and is straight to the point and intelligent.
This is a VERY enjoyable and intelligent piece.


  1. It was definitely a refreshing change from the majority of uber stories – I couldn't figure out where she was going to go with the story and kept finding myself grinning when she surprised me.

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