The Player by Weebod

I usually keep an eye out for new stories by following the ramblings of the ladies on “Uber Ect.” who are kind enough to put together a list of updates available from a number of sites and that on a daily basis – it’s real helpful. This week I had a lovely surprise – a new story by a favourite writer – that’s not something that happens every day!

I reviewed the story “Conflict of Interest” by Weebod back in November – if you read that, you will know that Weebod has a fluent pen and this is proven once again in this romance. This time Weebod introduces us to a cast of women thrown together through the sport of field hockey. I’m afraid field hockey is not a game that I’m familiar with, but it looks cool except for the mouth guard that’s not so hot, but I guess it’s there for a reason.

The basic theme of the story is the conflict of interest between “the player” Gillian or Gill who lives her life charming and bedding all available women, never stopping to consider to call someone for a second date, and Emma the woman that finally breaks through her amour, but don’t want to risk her heart on someone who might not be faithful.

The story is delivered in an every day setting with the routines of work, training, games and time to hang out with friends. It’s a nice setting which gives room to a slow development of especially the character of Gill.

I really did like the story – it’s a good read, but I think that there is a few points where the romance between Gill and Emma would have benefited from bestowing the girls with a bit of restrain, which would have left them with a time to talk about their feelings and where they wanted the relationship to go. This might have lent a bit more depth to the romantic bits of the storyline.

The story seemed to be well edited, but there is one thing though that the beta missed, it’s a little kink in the storyline – let’s see if you can find it – I’ll give you a hint it’s about a girl and where she is from.


  1. Even though I must admit that I didn't discover the "kink" on first reading, I very much agree with this review. Good thing I read this before writing my own 🙂


  2. Well as for the "kink" this is Weebod's explanation – I hope she won't mind that I share this:

    "With regards to the Nationality mix up. It reads that way in the story because I appear to have left out a crucial piece of text. Gill is supposed to complain about the newspaper article to Maggie, saying, it isn't even accurate, she was French, or something along those lines. I have forgotten to put it in! It has been missed by three of us checking the story over, oh, well, there is always something."

    I really did wonder how the nationality got mixed up – I guess beta work is not that easy after all 😉


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