Marjorie Humboldt: A Revelation in Several Parts by Crème Brûlée

It started with a … bird – a parakeet to be exact – left to Marjorie by her long time friend Janine upon her death, but through the story the inheritance reveals itself to be more than a bird and much more than Marjorie could ever have imagined.

This is the tale of a woman slowly getting to see a side to herself that she never realised was there and her struggle to adapt herself to this new development in her life. It’s also the story of a slowly developing romance between two mature women way back when the consequences of having your homosexuality made public could still be severe.
The story stayed with me, not so much for the romantic storyline, but for the quality of writing, the development of the characters and the dialog. If you are looking for something a bit different from the classic romantic storyline, and you can get through a story without lots of hot sex and a thrilling plot, then you might enjoy this – I did.
Both the storyline and the writing seems to diverge quite a bit from other online stories available by Crème Brûlée, so you can’t really compare this to her other offerings online, but if you want a good laugh you could look up “Cooking On High”, which has been reviewed earlier, and the short story “An Inevitable Arrangement”, which I found to be funny and with a talented dialogue.


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