Pearl Had to Die by Cephalgia

Jen has a legal practice specialising in estate law, and Carly is a real estate agent. They have common interests, they are living together, and they are “pretty darn happy”, at least that’s what Jen thinks.

Pearl is an artist that Jen and Carly get to know when they buy one of her paintings at an exhibition, and she seems to become a good friend to both of them.

However, one day Jen comes home from work to find Carly having packed her things and announcing that she is moving in with Pearl. Somebody, thinks Jen, will have to pay for that woman stealing, and she concludes that “Pearl had to die”.

So far, so not-so-unusual. But how do a mob hit, a beheading, and an orbit around Uranus (the planet, not the god), as well as other bizarre scenes figure into the story? I’m not giving that away; let me just say that if the name of “Walter Mitty” brings a smile to your lips, then you are in for a treat with this story. And the ending is so much nicer.

Don’t read this at work — not because of the usual reason, but because others might be irritated by spontaneous laughter.

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