Cooking on High by Creme Brulee

French is world renowned French chef. And not just for her incredible skills in the kitchen. She’s smart, beautiful, sexy, and, according to some, Satan’s spawn. Nothing stands in the way when French wants something. Then along comes Violet Spark, aka Fry. Fry is a kind, generous, sweet young woman home from college for the summer. When these two team up to solve a murder that French has been accused of, comedy ensues. Add to this the odd cast of characters that French and Fry share the story with and this is truly a winner.

This isn’t really a romance but more of a light romantic comedy. The writing is fantastic, the plot is tight and incredibly entertaining. This is, without a doubt, my most recommended fiction. Creme’s writing style is everything I wish mine could be.


  1. Thank you for letting me know about this one! I had a smile plastered on my face all the time I was reading it, and sometimes I would just burst out laughing. Whoever saw me, at work and at home, thought I was going nuts. I don't mind. It's absolutely with it!

    And it's not short either! 🙂

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