Love’s melody lost by Radclyffe

Radclyffe is one author that I guarantee will NOT bore you. Ever. So you can safely read just about anything and everything by her. Granted, she seems to have a formula that works but even so, her writing is crisp and intelligent, the story flows logically, and the characters are always likable.

Graham Yardley is a musician who has lost her sight along with her music in an accident, fifteen years earlier. She live secluded in her manor on Cape Cod, unwilling to participate in life anymore. because of her physical limitations she find herself in need of hiring someone to help out with household chores, and documents. In comes Annie, divorced three years previously from the husband she had shared ten years with. Completely different worlds collide, and complement each other in these two women.

This one fiction in particular I found somehow more romantic than the other. Maybe it was the almost formal speech, or the description or the characters themselves. But there’s definitely more romance in the air than most other fics. Definitely a good read.

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  1. I think it may have been the first Radclyffe I read and it's also one of my favorites of hers.

    Radclyffe, who is like the queen of lesbian romance, does absolutely have a formula and it works for her. I've read several of her books and don't tend to get bored with a series until the third book. It's about that time that the redundancy seems to get to me and I need to read something else. But I'm like that with pretty much all series work.

    I completely agree that if you like romance, you'll love this one.

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