The Road from Kilimanjaro by KG MacGregor

It’s not standing on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro that will change your perspective on life; it’s the trek it takes to get there that makes the difference. This is a coming out story set against the backdrop of the holiday adventure of a life time. Mary Kate travels alone to Africa to join a travel party for the trek to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This will not only give her a break from her small town life, but also a chance to ponder the future with her boyfriend, Bobby.

As Mary Kate is alone, she is paired for the trek with Kristin, who is also a single traveler in need of a break from a life. The girls hit it off from the start and a playful banter between them accompanies the week long trek towards the summit. If it’s not an attraction that draws Mary Kate to Kristin, it’s got to be Kristin’s willingness to share the toilet paper, which she brought with her!

I won’t disclose any more of the storyline, I think you should go look in on the girls while they freeze their butts off on that mountain knowing that the statistics show that only half of their party will make it to the summit.

This story is the closest I’m going to get to any kind of traveling in Africa or trekking on a real mountain for that matter, so the setting is a plus to this classical romance. Furthermore, the story has well developed characters, a good supporting cast, and funny dialog in places. If I’m to point to something negative, it’s the fact that I would have liked just that extra 20 or so pages to give the story a more fulfilling ending. Maybe KG MacGregor has added that to the revised version available in print from Bella Books under the title “Worth Every Step”.

Perhaps you already know KG MacGregor as this author penned the stories of Anna and Lily (Shaken, Stirred, Strained), which has been reviewed at this site. If you haven’t looked in on Anna and Lily yet, you ought to do so as the quality of these stories are way better than a lot of other on line fiction available.

Enjoy your story time!

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