Working Relationship by Alex Tryst

This is a short piece, mostly about getting a piece. Allie and Juliet work together. And are attracted to each other. And flirt, a lot. Allie’s birthday seems to be the right time for Juliet to finally make her move on the older attorney. Allie’s ok with that even though her co-workers firmly warn her away from Juliet.

The story is kind of sweet and an easy read. There are some grammatical issues but it really didn’t take away from the action. The beginning is fun, the middle is hot, and the ending probably should have gone a different direction. But with a fic this short, the beginning and middle make the very short ending tolerable.

This author has loads of other work and this is my first experience with it. I’ll give something else a shot and see how that goes.


  1. If you are just starting a tour trough Alex Tryst fiction then look in on "Love in Photographs" or "The Adventures of Super Dyke" (posted in a number of parts). I think this is by far the best stories from this author. But Alex Tryst is not one of my favourites. I'm not quite sure what it is, perhaps I just can't really connect with the characters, or maybe it's the storyline that bothers me – I don't know, but you might find a story you like.



  2. I don't know. As much as I like the
    New York series, I have to say I think her best are the Queen of My Country. Three parts, more then enough angst.

  3. Actually I never read the "Queen of My Country" series. From the teasers I gather that the stories are futuristic or in a fantasy style and that's not quite in my line of interest. But maybe I'm wrong here ?


  4. I never thought I would get into any type of alternate reality either. But I was surprised. Also I read it while Bushie 2 was in office, so it wasn't all that hard to imagine a
    royal, dictating family. Joke.

  5. I looked in on Allie and Juliet and their working relationship last night. Sorry – but I didn't like it. To much of a PWP for me, but I did realised that I often found it irritating that Alex Tryst seems to put the characters in the wrong agegroup. In this story we have Juliet at 22 working as a HR director and Allie "the older women" at 28 as an executive of the company. This is almost "fantasy"-style fiction if you ask me !


  6. UK-

    Perhaps if you tell me what you're looking for, I might be able to point you in the right direction for my work. Although, admittedly it's not for everyone, and that's fine, too.

    Maybe the Queens Series might do it. It's not futuristic in anyway. Actually, it's a modern setting. I'd suggest skipping the first book and heading into two and three personally.

    -Alex Tryst

  7. Ups – getting embarrassed here – never thought that you would read this, Alex! I've read a number of your stories and as I've stated before I found "Adventures of Super Dyke" and "Love In Photographs" to be the ones I liked the best. So what am I looking for – well I like a lengthy romance with believable characters and a natural development of attraction between the ladies involved. It's nice if the setting of the story is somewhat original and a well developed supporting crew of friends and family are thrown in. And well I'm really not into fantasy or futuristics and the western genre I find really tiresome. Finally no sexual encounters just to "work up steam". Sex has to be part of a naturally developed romance, and I hate it when the sex has an almost "masculine touch" to it.

    Oh and by the way – humour and good editing is always nice!

    Please – do point me in the right direction if you have a story to recommend.

    By the way thanks for all your work and willingness to share it with all the world for free.


  8. UK-

    All right. I'm going to make an out of left field sort of recommendation to you. It's not a piece that comes up in conversation much, and I don't know if you follow politics at all, especially the American political system. However, if you're into long pieces with a strong sense of character development, family, love, politics, history, etc. then I'm going to have to go with "Political Crossfire". You've already read my two personal favorites from my collection as noted in your previous posts.

    Also, as I said before Queens 2 and Queens 3 probably will get you what you are seeking as well. Queens 1 I took a lot of heat for, and you don't need to read it to enjoy 2 and 3, so jump right on in and give it a try. You simply have to suspend what you know about American politics with it.

    Of course "The Dyke and the Debutante" is a favorite of readers, but you have to be into reading a true fanfic to enjoy it.

    The rest of the works are much shorter and seem to be outside of what you are looking for based on your requested desires. Just browse and enjoy your reading. There are lots of great authors out there!

    -Alex Tryst

  9. I would classify this, and the other Alex Tryst stories that I've read, as original fiction.

    Her characters and themes just aren't in keeping with the Xenaverse. Other than physical resemblance, there is no connection to the spirit and inner strength of the Xena and Gabrielle characters. In my opinion she writes about powerful women, not strong women.

  10. I agree with your classification of this as "original" – thanks for bringing it up.

    One of our reviewers brought up a similar topic regarding some other fics. I hadn't created an "original" tag at that time but have since. I will move this one over to it.

    Thanks again for your help,


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