Mostly enjoyed but still made me cringe


Casino Royale - Ian Fleming, Simon Vance

I thought it was a fairly fun book to read. I’ve never read a Bond book before and think I’ve only seen one or two movies and remember nothing about them. If it weren’t for the horrible, absolutely terrible sexism, I would have likely loved it. Yes, I completely understand that it must be taken in context of the time and the sort of man Bond is and his profession. I get all of that but it still took away from my enjoyment of the book.


I don’t think I’d read another but I’m glad I read this one. I don’t know. Maybe I would read another. Maybe.

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Great sequel to Backwards to Oregon


Hidden Truths - Jae

I think I’ve rated this reading higher than at least one previous reading. I think any book that can keep me captivated and move me to the point of having visceral reactions after so many readings and discussions with friends deserves that extra half star (full star on Goodreads because they don’t allow half stars).

After finishing Backwards to Oregon, I always know I’m going to want to jump right into this one and always have the same feeling of “But I don’t want to focus on Amy and Rika. I want more Luke and Nora!” Once the book gets going though, I tend to want to stay with Amy. Even though the most moving and gut-wrenching scene involves Luke, Nora, and their girls, it’s Amy and Rika’s show.

No, the book isn’t perfect. There are characters and situations that I don’t care much about but they serve a purpose and it may be my impatience to get back to the folks I really want to read about that makes me a little cranky.

I’m certain I’ll be reading this one again.

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Expectations were too high, I think.


The Set Piece - Catherine Lane Salter

I think my biggest problem with this book is the fact that it felt so incredibly unbelievable right from the first chapter and I don’t think it got any better on that front.

There was no part of the story that would lead anyone to believe that the two women at the center of the story should have any feelings for each other besides resentment and dislike and then suddenly, they’re so close that secrets are shared that can’t be divulged to Amy’s best (and apparently only) friend in the world.

The mystery wasn’t much of a mystery and the way the business situation resolved itself made me scratch my head and think, “what the hell?” Based on just about every thought and conversation in the book dealing with her feelings about the job, the way it ended up seemed to go against everything she said she wanted. I just don’t get it.

The characters were very two-dimensional and by the time some information was shared about past hurts and struggles, it was too late to change my opinion of their flatness and I didn’t care.

Very near the end, I started thinking, “ok, this is going to at least wrap up nicely and I can feel good about the story after all.” But that’s not what happened. Overall, my feeling is that it needed much more depth. The reasons behind Amy being approached and for taking the job could have been more developed. The characters could have been so much more fleshed out to really make the reader care about them and want them to be happy and succeed. If the mystery part had been dropped completely and the story focusing on Amy and Diego’s relationship and Amy and Casey’s relationship, there would have been so much more opportunity to involve the reader. And I’m saying that as a huge fan of mysteries and someone who reads fewer and fewer romance novels.

This isn’t a book I’d recommend to friends. But, as you’ll be able to see from other reviews and ratings, there are loads of folks who disagree with me.

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Great every time I read it.


Without Warning - K.G. MacGregor

Yep, still love this book. Anna and Lily are likely my very favorite lesfic couple of all time. The story is filled with humor, the leads have great chemistry, and, even though there are some typos, it’s pretty impossible for me to be anything but completely engrossed in the story. And that really says something after the countless times I’ve read it.

I love this book. Did I mention that? I’m 100% certain I’ll read it again. And again. It’s one of my go-to “feel good” books.

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New List for the New Year

Last year I was doing quite a few reviews for my own review site and for a lesbian magazine so I really loaded up on books. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up reviewing the vast majority of them.

This year, I’m making a point to read and review as many of the books I received as possible. Good or bad, I will submit feedback and post some reviews. I WILL HIT 80%. And it’ll be a great way to work toward my 80 book goal for 2016.

Feel free to join in on the fun. Nearly all of the books I requested and was approved for have been published by now. Here’s a link to the list:

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Solid story and very good narration.


Horns - Joe Hill, Fred Berman

After reading and mostly enjoying NOS4A2, I decided to give Horns a shot when I saw the audio version was available at my local library. I’m very happy I did. The story was interesting and didn’t go the way I had expected in quite a few places. Hell, I even got a little misty in one place.

My only real complaint is the POV switch that happens pretty late in the book and only lasts a few chapters. I didn’t care for that at all. I understand that Hill wanted us to get some info and insight into one of the characters but it didn’t feel right after having the only one POV up until that point.

Beside that, though, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the narration. I liked it more than I did NOS4A2. Now I need to watch the movie to see how it compares.

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Quite a few laughs.


Barrel Fever - David Sedaris

I always find plenty to enjoy in David Sedaris books. Particularly if they’re performed by him. And even more if his sister Amy is involved. I don’t find every story incredibly funny but even those that I don’t like a whole lot gives me something to chuckle about. 

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