Expectations were too high, I think.


The Set Piece - Catherine Lane Salter

I think my biggest problem with this book is the fact that it felt so incredibly unbelievable right from the first chapter and I don’t think it got any better on that front.

There was no part of the story that would lead anyone to believe that the two women at the center of the story should have any feelings for each other besides resentment and dislike and then suddenly, they’re so close that secrets are shared that can’t be divulged to Amy’s best (and apparently only) friend in the world.

The mystery wasn’t much of a mystery and the way the business situation resolved itself made me scratch my head and think, “what the hell?” Based on just about every thought and conversation in the book dealing with her feelings about the job, the way it ended up seemed to go against everything she said she wanted. I just don’t get it.

The characters were very two-dimensional and by the time some information was shared about past hurts and struggles, it was too late to change my opinion of their flatness and I didn’t care.

Very near the end, I started thinking, “ok, this is going to at least wrap up nicely and I can feel good about the story after all.” But that’s not what happened. Overall, my feeling is that it needed much more depth. The reasons behind Amy being approached and for taking the job could have been more developed. The characters could have been so much more fleshed out to really make the reader care about them and want them to be happy and succeed. If the mystery part had been dropped completely and the story focusing on Amy and Diego’s relationship and Amy and Casey’s relationship, there would have been so much more opportunity to involve the reader. And I’m saying that as a huge fan of mysteries and someone who reads fewer and fewer romance novels.

This isn’t a book I’d recommend to friends. But, as you’ll be able to see from other reviews and ratings, there are loads of folks who disagree with me.

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