Great sequel to Backwards to Oregon


Hidden Truths - Jae

I think I’ve rated this reading higher than at least one previous reading. I think any book that can keep me captivated and move me to the point of having visceral reactions after so many readings and discussions with friends deserves that extra half star (full star on Goodreads because they don’t allow half stars).

After finishing Backwards to Oregon, I always know I’m going to want to jump right into this one and always have the same feeling of “But I don’t want to focus on Amy and Rika. I want more Luke and Nora!” Once the book gets going though, I tend to want to stay with Amy. Even though the most moving and gut-wrenching scene involves Luke, Nora, and their girls, it’s Amy and Rika’s show.

No, the book isn’t perfect. There are characters and situations that I don’t care much about but they serve a purpose and it may be my impatience to get back to the folks I really want to read about that makes me a little cranky.

I’m certain I’ll be reading this one again.

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