Solid story and very good narration.


Horns - Joe Hill, Fred Berman

After reading and mostly enjoying NOS4A2, I decided to give Horns a shot when I saw the audio version was available at my local library. I’m very happy I did. The story was interesting and didn’t go the way I had expected in quite a few places. Hell, I even got a little misty in one place.

My only real complaint is the POV switch that happens pretty late in the book and only lasts a few chapters. I didn’t care for that at all. I understand that Hill wanted us to get some info and insight into one of the characters but it didn’t feel right after having the only one POV up until that point.

Beside that, though, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the narration. I liked it more than I did NOS4A2. Now I need to watch the movie to see how it compares.

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