Trouble by Della Street

Trouble is what Gabrielle usually finds herself in when she and Xena separate for any reason and this story holds true to that. But this time it’s really not Gabby’s fault. Well, not totally. This story is more of a serious tale of what happens when Xena drops Gabrielle off in Potaidaia to help with her ailing mother. What they don’t count on is an old enemy showing up.

This story is what I would consider a short story but not nearly as short as Whipped. Sort of a medium short story. On my ereader, it comes out to 76 pages in the epub format. Not sure if that helps at all… Della Street has a good style and I don’t remember coming across anything, grammar or plot wise, that made me break stride. It’s a story that I’ll probably leave on my reader to enjoy again another time.

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